Blocking two tops today but they’re not finished.

I’m blocking two of my knittings today: Petrie Shell and Pumpkin Ale Cardigan.

Ooh, nice yarn bowl! I’m such a colour coordinated knitter. Today.

Both have been partially blocked before, to check gauge and ease my mind during the knitting. Pumpkin Ale needs its sleeves blocked:

I’m quite surprised to be blocking these, today. It was only yesterday I was knitting on them and the end was nowhere in sight!

Blocking feels like the last stage in a project. After it’s dry it’s finished and you get to wear it.
Not with these two. The Petrie Shell needs some sort of band to be inserted in the front collar, to give it more stiffness. For this I’ll use gross grain band from about one inch wide.
I have none in the house, I’ll have to go out and get it. It’s why I didn’t bind off at the front:

The Pumpkin Ale isn’t finished after knitting either. The pockets have holes in them:

You’re supposed to attach a fabric lining. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve got no fabric and no sewing skills in the house in the city.
But I guess when I’m out buying gross grain ribbon I’ll do it at a place that sells fabric.

I’m also rinsing out these yarns:

I’ll tell you about them in a later post but I dyed these myself over the weekend and they’re dyed with plants! With the flowers of common reed. The different greens depend on whether they are the first skeins to go in or the last ones and on dipping them into diluted ammonia afterwards or in rusty water.

They’re small skeins of Norwegian handspun. They’re very dear to me. They also smell of Norway (pine, salt, wooden cabin, sheep).


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