Weird Wool Wednesday: Eep! no wool in the house!


I thought there’d be yarn here! Sock yarn. With needles. Emergency yarn! Eep!

With two cardigans finished yesterday and me zooming along the sleeves of Holle Cardi and Contiguous Blue being knit in big fast bulky aran weight I’m getting nervous that I might run out of knitting projects before I return to the cabin in 10 days. Eep!
Please tell me there’s yarn somewhere in this house. And that it fits my queue. I need things knit!

Here’s my cabinet in the living room. I keep al things dear in here. And “Mr.Marvel” is quite pleased that I finally like to tidy up after myself:

Contiguous Blue Cardigan is there. And the left over skeins from Petrie Shell. (I could give it sleeves?)
But no yarn…

There is a WIP however… behind the Blue. It’s the fat cat. In that soft organic brown fleece that I found so sympathetic even though it was a totally unreasonable piece of sheeps’ coat.
It’s pattern Nursery Cat by Sara Elizabeth Kellner on needles 9 mm and it still needs legs and a tail but honestly, with a real life black cat in the house I don’t need another catshape catching the corner of my eye and accusing me of never feeding it.

Shhh, let it sleep. (next to it a green lace stole, to be put around a lamp shade or something. If I get a shade. And a lamp.)

Ah, better let this one sleep too:

A sock in need of darning. Sorry, can’t darn. Got no sock yarn in the house.
This is a sock I bought in Norway and I practically lived in these before I learned how to knit. Now they are bed socks. A little bit of Norway.

I’m now continuing my yarn search upstairs, to the attic. I know my attic attracts wools!

Right. One wheel, one cat, one box of fluff.
But that’s not spinning fluff, that’s for felting. If I spun it I wouldn’t know what to do with it, a skein of coarse clown barf.
… I could do some felting I guess. I am in dear need of a “foot cave”, something to put my feet in when I’m resting. But that’s hardly the project for relaxing evening knitting while watching series on the screen. Or for the drive back to the cabin.

There did arrive some proper spinning fluff at the house yesterday though! I love it that wool finds its way to me 🙂

70 grams of Merino fauxlags in the colourway Blossom Hues, by Dutch fibre artist Yarncontaminated.

But these are Merino fibres, best given some close attention with a wheel or spindle that turns easy.
The wheel I have in the attic here, a Louet S70 I rescued last Christmas, turns a bit brusk. It’s good for aran weight fleece but not so good for fine fibres. I’m hitting myself over the head that I forgot to bring my spindle! Serious case of the brain fog before I left the cabin.

Let’s continue our search. There may be some fleece around here?

No fleece but I do keep some proper yarn in the attic: 4 Skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. Soft en gorgeous!
But these are for sale. They are too variegated to my liking since I spin this sort of colours frequently myself and am more in need of semisolid commercial yarns then variegated. The past year I’ve gone off variegated all together, it seems.
(I’m also a bit too shy to work in this rich yarn for myself. This yarn deserves a perfect project and I won’t be able to make it perfect so I’d rather not even try. A character flaw I’m not willing to work on this year.)

Oooh, chocolate in the attic! On this I AM willing to work this year!
Yarn for sale under the shop price, 10,50 euro per skein. Four skeins is 550 m/ 600 yards. Silky heaven-ness.

I do have this yarn in the house and it’s nearly dry:

It’ll be so lovely to knit with. Too lovely! It won’t last me long. Eep!

PS Oh! I just remember: there’s always emergency yarn in the car. One ball of Semilla Fino by BC Garn. Organic yarn and really soft.

I wonder if it’s still there… I remember going out and getting it for Trees Cowl
and I wonder if there’s anything in my queue that matches is. It’s certainly not something I’d choose because I really want to knit other things in my queue.

PS2 Oh2! I just remember that I’ll probably receive a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn on Saturday. In the gorgeous colour S254:

I already have one skein and used part of it to make Lace Holly Noro Cowl in the Pippi Longstocking Knit A-Long back in 2013 from that versatile pattern Lace Holly by Susann Hajjar. Now I’m getting another one and I love the colours:

I might rip out Holly Cowl and use both skeins to knit some striped legwarmers. I always wear legwarmers, they’re in my queue.
But I also need a bag in POP blanket pattern from TinCatKnits.
Both patterns I can do at night or in the car.
Yes, this Noro might be my solution.

I found this example of striped Noro legwarmers. Now I want them in these particular colours…
pic by bridorangi

Between the Noro, the Semilla and the Silk Blend, there must be something I can knit. When I finish both cardigans and whatever I’m planning with the green skeins. IF I finish them. I might just be “eeped out” for nothing, just because I unexpectedly finished two sweaters yesterday.

Eep! Project bag in car is empty!



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