Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting granny-style!

You know that I do most of my knitting lying down on the couch, during my daily rests.
pic by Ula Kapala

Most of this lying about I do on some old IKEA futon couch we bought a decade ago. We bought two: one for the city house and one for the cabin. So no matter in which house I am, me and Lillepoes have been lying on the couch daily, covered in wool.

The last few years I kept piling on the fleeces for comfort but this year I had to admit: both couches have become old and ratty. More wool is no longer the answer:
pic by AnnaKika

The other thing I’ve finally admitted to this year is that I am indeed chronically ill and that lying flat and resting several hours in a day is a part of my daily routine, at least for the next decade or so.

The logical conclusion of these two things is: I need a new chair, one to put my feet up. A recliner. A real granny chair. Because knitting is so for grannies, as non-knitters know so well.

So I took my knitting and visited a chair shop and found this:

It has a handle that flips out the foot-part. None of this fancy electronics that will just run out of juice or get all computery on me, either. And did you know these come in sizes? Like a middle aged Goldilocks I tried them all three out for fit. I flipped them backwards and lay there knitting for some time. Size S was my size. I was going to buy one. What colour cover would I like?

The custom is to have these chairs -and most furniture- clad with leather. I don’t know why, leather doesn’t feel nice to the skin at all. I guess it’s good when you’re prone to spilling. I am. But I didn’t want leather. I want wool!

nieuwe stoel stof

I chose this oatmeal coloured woven wool from the Danish fabric specialist Kvadrat. It’s Kvadrat Hallingdale colour 110. This is the same fabric that covers design furniture like the Varier Stokke Peel chair and has the highest content of wool they offer.
Quality and design is the new granny style, baby!

We knitters often meet the assumption that knitting is for grannies. And it’s true, many of my knitter friends have grand children and I’m of an age I could have had them myself, in theory. (I’m 44 years old.)
(I never wanted children though. And I’m infertile anyway.)(Luckily my childfree preference preceded the revelation that I’m physically unable to sustain a pregnancy.)

The notion of what a granny is is changing. At least, I think it is. Or are people still thinking it’s a little old lady in grey and beige slowly crawling down the street?

“I’m just a gran and I’m doing gran stuff”

I don’t care, to be honest, wether people think my knitting or my age make me a granny and that I should behave a certain way. Not that I’m rebelling against their notions either. They just do not concern me either way.

With the new chair I thought I may need a new sofa too.
As a gesture of a new attitude towards my illness. I’m now finally accepting that this is my life, that I am chronically ill. I’m no longer resting on the sofa, waiting to get better. I’m now resting on the sofa as part of my daily routine. It’s part of my life now and instead of the old battered IKEA futon couch that I’ve been resting on for the past 10 years or so my couch should reflect my daily life which I try to live in style and comfort and fun.

Which is why I am writing you this blogpost from here:

My fantastic antique sofa bed!
With handturned woodwork and a new cushion covered in a cow hide. A real Chaise Longue, made in Belgium in the century before last.

It was for sale online at a place two hours from here but with me being house bound I just couldn’t go and check it out in real life. However nobody else wanted it and when the advert expired I emailed the seller and he told me it hadn’t sold and we got talking and he answered all my questions and we both suspected this might just be perfect for me. In the end he also offered to bring it by next time he was in my parts of the country for me to try it out. He did and it is indeed a perfect match!

I’m now lying here like the queen of Sheba, in my friendly living room with a view of the little city patio out back and it’s all wonderful and a bit quirky and made by skilled hands and with lots of wood details and I love it!

This is the kind of granny I am! Quirky and artisan skilled and with love of natural materials and a bit hairy.

On the sofa I keep the black and white blanket I wove. I initially planned for it to be the cover of a back panel so that I could shove the sofa against the wall and I could use it as a proper sofa for people to sit on, with their backs against the padded back panel.

But the blanket is so wonderfully soft and sympathetic that I’ve been covering me and the cat with it. At nine o’clock at night, when I’m winding down before going to bed, Lillepoes hops onto the sofa and me and the blanket. She starts kneading before curling up in a cloud of softness and purring away that last hour before we go to bed.

Last week my knitting chair was delivered:

Style, baby!

Wool grannies everywhere approve:
pic by Sean McGrath
Quirky, with love for natural materials and possibly a bit hairy.

Now I only need to teach Poekie not to scratch my new knitting tools:



4 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting granny-style!

  1. What an amazing find!!! Beautifull sofa bed 🙂 i can imagne you on it, typing lots of wonderfull blogposts! I really like the design of the chair, definitely not a granny chair. Believe me, my mil is a real granny and her chair doesn’t look like this at all and is covered with grey… yep leather 😦 i remember we use to have a leather couch at home… brrr freezing cold in wintertime. You’re choice of wool fabric is way nicer!!

    Well do enjoy those knitting in style moments!! And good luck with Poekie… my nice chair is covered in ”kattenhalen” so i have to shop for new fabric to remake the chair…

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