Weird Wool Wednesday: Tuesday and beyond.

A bit of an early post.
To let you know (and myself, really, I always think I still have options until I come out and state the obvious:) that the stress of the past half year finally caught up with me and that I’m in bed with a cold.

Not much knitting or blogging for the rest of the week, I’m afraid.

Two stressors have bugged me this year and they’re both now gone.
Lillepoes is finally better, after she fell ill in January. She’s talking and playing again and I’m getting my money worth’s of cuddles.
Then last week I had to present my case to the highest court of the country to show that the technical arguments for a large manure plant right next to the cabin are void. Preparing for this has taken a lot of energy from me the past couple of weeks. It’s done now, I’ve given it my best.
With these two lengthy stressors out of the way it’s no surprise my body now caught a cold and wants to do nothing.

I’m just laying about, knitting a bit on Emma Arlene (knitting with dark yarn? how inconvenient!), talking to the cat and watching videos about Organic Chemistry.
?? Organic Chemistry??
Yeah, I’ve got no idea either how that came about. One day I was watching knitting podcasts. The next day I wanted to learn about carbon-molecules.
It’s the thing that interests me this month.

Last month I wanted to learn to play the bass guitar. I watched a ton of funky slap bass videos (Davie504!) and even went to a shop to try and buy one. (It’s too heavy on my lap and really not a smart hobby for me).

For next month I’m gearing up towards mapping the Autonomic Nervous System… but it also might be The Ins and Outs of Cheesecake (custard based, sugar free, gluten free).

I could start a series similar to Weird Wool Wednesday: This Month’s Fascination. Or “What I’m convinced this month that my next career will be.”
“This Month’s World Domination Subject”.

This week: just chilling with the cat and my knitting in my lovely sitting room:


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