Knitting for the overstressed ill.

The cold has gone. But now the ME/Adrenal thing is in full flight: I’m tense and wired all the time. It’s a natural reaction to the strain I’ve been under since January but I do wish my body would learn to default into relax mode soon.

Anything causes me stress. Noises, telephone calls, blood sugar rises. Hot showers, mother-in-law, vegetables. Reed that might soon be out of bloom. Planning to try on Petrie Shell. Having to sew lining into the pockets of Pumpkin Ale.

So I’m avoiding all those triggers until my body feels safe again.
As far as knitting goes I just want to knit around and around and around and not think too much. So that’s what I’ve been doing:

One Noro Kureyon legwarmer finished. 60 grams used and it’s 65 cm long. I love the stacked stripes! And the colours!
You can see the jogged line where I switched colours. There are solution to that and I had a look at them (Techknitter for example) but understanding jogless stripes gave me stress so I let it go.

Knitting on Emma Cardigan is stressfree too, mostly. Just follow the pattern. I’m doing bustdarts now and pretty soon will start with the lace part. I’m just knitting and knitting and not fretting about fit or size. It may be too tight in the end but then I’ll just widen the button bands untill it fits, just like I did with Holla Cardi (aaargh, buttons!) and

Yesterday me and Noro got bundled up in the car and were brought to the cabin. There my green dyeing pan had cooked up a surprise in the week since I last seen it:

All the pink stuff I left here last Sunday has grown into greens!
I put it outside to dry in the shadow. (I didn’t rinse it yet.)

This has turned out quite dark and there’s still a lot of reed and colour left in the dye pen. So I put in another shirt and some yarn, let it soak for a while and then transferred the goods to my other, smaller dyepan, added hot water and brought it to a boil:

Let cool overnight and this morning I unwrapped my second reed surprise:

Very yellow pale green. Probably because I didn’t cook it in the reed water but in new, clean water.
I actually wanted something in between, to combine with the darker green. There’s still a lot of reed and colour left in the dye pot so I could …. there’s also more reed at the pond nearby… I could go and….
Nope. Today is for sitting and knitting. Not for going about and planning things and trying to achieve a certain goal and throwing expectations about like they’re peanuts.

Another thing giving me stress is the rain we’re getting today. “Summer will be gone! Help!”
That’s why yesterday I felt I absolutely needed to go outside and experience the last day of Summer. I felt obliged by Summer and Summer Spinning and all the plans I had for spinning and enjoying the outside life back in June and July.

I know it was not a healthy thing to do but the pressure of this stressor was just too big.
So I sat outside, with the cat, and did a tiny bit of spinning in the lovely Summer afternoon:

Looking back I have mixed emotions. It was a lovely 20 minutes with the sun and the smells and the birds and nature and Summer and the lovely spinning.
But having surrendered to the stress was not very good. Neither was sitting upright when I was too weak. I paid the price for it that evening and even today. I’m weak and wired and weepy. But it was a bit of joyeus spinning and that weather looks gorgeous.

Since then I’ve been inside and laying about, peering at my iPad and mostly reading about knitting instead of actually knitting. In this weird state of mind I joined a new Ravelry group: I love clogs.

For people who enjoy wearing clogs. I enjoy wearing clogs!
You know I always have a wooden pair that I use outside at the cabin, the typical Dutch traditional klomp:
This year I also bought some run-of-the-mill farmworkers clog, with a plastic sole and “leather” top, that I use both at the cabin and in the city. They’re very comfy and with the rubber sole they’re more quiet:

But I’d rather have a nice clog: with wooden sole, real leather and some design.
The group has put me on an internet crawl amongst all kinds of beautiful clogs! Dutch and Swedish and German and Portugese. Wonderful things are out there! I want some of them!

At the moment it’s only a matter of determining how much money I actually want to spend and then choose the design and colour and how to deal with fit issues. I’ve wanted trip klompen made in Eenrum for a long time now but you’ve got to visit the studio because they want to guarantee a good fit:

I’m not able to visit. Not by a long stretch…
I think I’m willing to risk buying online. There’re some sellers who allow returns cheaply.

But this might not be a good thing to embark on when you’re in a bit of a fever-brain state as I am now. I’m wired, tired and hyper-alert.
I better be smart and not getting out my bank card yet.

Still my mind needs something to focus on, some sort of diversion that’s entertaining and engaging but not stressing. An online diversion.
The Dutch Karma Swap Group has come up with just that: a sock-a-long. It starts on Monday. There will be one pattern that most of them will knit but any pattern is welcome.
I want to join with this sock yarn, hand dyed by Kleurvol:

in a simple round and round and round pattern. No twisted stitches, no cables. I’m collecting patterns on its stash page but I’m thinking something like Prickly Pears:

I love herringbone and faux ribbing with round shapes (“koffieboontje!”)

For really no-thinking-yet-entertaining round and round knitting I have this handspun ready for socks:

Also handdyed by Kleurvol.

And when I finish that other Noro legwarmer I guess I could do armwarmers with the left overs, round and round and round.


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