sock in progress and an ME recovery story

I want to present James7a also known as Bananaboy. He’s a young man that was severely ill for years with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ MSEID. He got cured back to 100% health.

He cured himself. In a way that I’m convinced works.
It’s not complicated to understand but it is hard to do: don’t look for the one pill/remedy but attack this illness on all fronts. Examine all aspects of your life and optimize them for health. All aspects, that’s the hard part.

I could go into the science of the various aspects but it really comes down to the few simple practical things he states in his videos. It’s wonderful to see his succes. His total succes. He recovered 100%. Cheers mate!

He did a series of 7 short video’s that I highly recommend. For ill people. For healthy people.
Easy to understand. Just a regular guy.

I’m watching them as I rest on the couch, coaxing my body back to a non-alerted state. I’m having a good day in this, I think it’s on the horizon, I can feel it coming.

The knitting helps. Just simple round and round, in a yarn that sparkles from the nylon that’s spun into it.

My cat friend is with me on the couch, overseeing things:

On close inspection things are very much approved:


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