Weird Wool Wednesday: clogs for spinners

I’m gearing up towards the National Spinners’ Weekend that’s happening in the first weekend of October.

To do list:

  1. choose wheel
  2. choose fiber
  3. choose appropriate footwear
  4. choose which handspuns to wear to share and show
  5. fill a box with all the things you promised various people (to avoid shipping costs)

concerning number 3:

sanita ariana felt 2

I did it, I bought some clogs. Couldn’t help myself.
I need special clogs for spinning, obviously. You slip them on and off so easily (spinning is not done wearing shoes, I spin wearing socks).

These are perfect spinner’s clogs. They’re made from wool. Felt, something usually avoided when spinning but in this case very much supportive of the case.
They are model Ariana, by the Danish brand of clogs Sanita.

sanita ariana felt 3

Wood, felt, edelweiss. A loose and adjustable top part (I have a high instep). A mute colour so they go with everything. Felt! Wood! Wool!

I’ve ordered them one size bigger than I wear for regular footwear because I’ll be wearing handknit handspun socks in these. Sanita clogs often run a bit bigger in their sizes I’ve been told but I think I’ll be ok.
I can always wear thicker socks or put wool padding into my clogs.

sanita ariana felt

That’s one thing off the list.


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