An alternative lace pattern for Emma Cardigan.

Emma Cardigan now has some nice bustdarts and I’ve started the lace part:

The lace is True Lace, meaning there are lace stitches on both sides. On every row.

This slows me down considerably, with dark yarn, knitting in the evening. This is not the relaxed knit I want it to be. It’s hard to get into the rhythm. (I also wonder if it might be too open, giving too much contrast between the top part and the bottom part.)

So I’ve looked into other lace stitch patterns. Ones that have just plain knitting on the Wrong Side rows. I particularly looked at Estonian Lace such as the stitch patterns in the lovely book Haapsalu Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi:

It features stitch patterns, for which the Ravelry database is not yet ready (it’s a project pattern database) which is a pity because I base many of my knitwears on stitch patterns not patterns.

The book features many different stitch patterns and I cannot make my mind up whether to go for more round shapes or more rectangular ones. No nupps though. That wouldn’t be practical for sitting. And knitting nupps slows me down. (I use a crochet hook to knit the 7 or 9 stitches together).
There are variations upon themes and it’s truly a lovely book and very educational and inspirational for knitters.

Three of the many variations on falling leaves pattern that caught my eye:



Going from round shapes to more spikey….. which to choose which to choose? I’m looking at overall open-ness; at whether the fabric will looked “dotted” or will have lines running down or side ways. I’m also looking at how “childish” the end result might look. As in “innocent” or perhaps going into “gullable”. That top one might do so. And it will have swirly lines running from top to bottom.

The middle one might have zig zaggy lines running vertical. And I might like that!
But it might be a field of “candle light” shapes…

The third one is harder to read. I peer through my eyelashes to find running lines. I’d expected there to be sideways zig zags or arrows pointing down wards. But peering through my eyelashes that doesn’t seem to be the case. Hmm, interesting.
How spikey do I want Emma cardigan to be? Will this spikeyness fit with the little round eyelets at the top part? Should I alter the edge for the neckline and sleeves so it emphasizes either the spikeyness or the friendly round eyelets? Or something that marries the two?

(btw, each stitch pattern in the book also has the chart for it under it but I cropped those out.)

There are many more stitch patterns to chose from.
The Ravelry database has patterns with Estonian stitches in it such as in the free Laminaria Stola:

 pic by Elena20v
Laminaria Rectangle Stole/Scarf by Elizabeth Freeman

Nice and round and “intellectual”. This will fit the eyelets of the upper part yet still be plain knitting every other row.
One of the stitches takes three stitches and makes it into nine. That’s almost a nupp knitted inside out.

I’ve started humming.
When I hum it means I’m pleased with the quest I’m taking but have not reached a destination yet. Probably not even chosen a final direction.
But pleased. Yes, humming is good.
My favourite Biology writer Midas Dekkers says that humming is to people what purring is to cats.

Laminaria is the ultimate round stitch pattern for my cardigan I think. I also found the ultimate spikey one, changing rhythm every few rows and making a very interesting fabric. I see this as part of a cardigan immideately:

It’s Winter’s Mirage by Deborah Wilson, a free pattern.

While I search and look and hum some more I’ve prepared Emma for the next phase:

I frogged back to the transition row.

What do you think, are the eyelets important enough to demand a round stitch in the lace pattern? Or will spikey be great?

It IS a bit open lace, the spikey lace from Winter’s Mirage …
That third one from Haapsalu Shawls is more closed and still spikey … but more friendly… friendly like eyelets …

hmm hmm hmmmmmmmmm


3 thoughts on “An alternative lace pattern for Emma Cardigan.

  1. Must save today’s posting and reread. So many decisions in a superb design. I’m a new subscriber. So happy to have found you.

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