I finished the Spring rolls:

Chain plied, 68 grams, 176 meters, DK weight. Merino, silk and a bit of sparkle.

Weirdly enough the yarn doesn’t speak to me. That’s really really weird!
Usually I’m eager to get to the next stage (fiber-spinning-yarn-knit-wear) but not this time. Weird.

To check that I haven’t gone off spinning (!!) I started on that beautiful mysteriously coloured Passe-Partout roving:

Merino with Mullberry silk. Spinning fairly thin to chain ply it later.

Wonderful colours and wonderful gleam running through my fingers. So soft! I’m stopping and to have a stare all the time. Admiring colours and material. Having a little sigh.
Yeah, I’m alright, I’m still a spinner. Pfew!


2 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. I can’t believe that yarn doesn’t speak to you! It sure speaks to me!

    I watched those videos you referenced a couple of posts ago. Very interesting. Have you ever watched Forks Over Knives? It is a very informative and encouraging documentary on the extreme benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. It is a real eye-opener. And the book The China Study, along the same lines.

    • Interesting, I’ll have a look. Bananaboy does not advocate a vegetarian lifestyle, btw. He encourages to take a step back and look at the food on our plate and ponder: “is this good food for me?”
      Your body/intuition will answer that question. Works for me 🙂
      (that yarn? you’ll like next Wednesday’s post, heehee)

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