Green Travelling Stitch Legwarmers for me!

Dutch Karma Swap Group friend Wolhobby knit a pair of legwarmers for me in one of the swaps:

The pattern is Traveling Stitch Legwarmers
by Lisa R. Myers

pattern photo

Made from my own grass green Norwegian yarn:

Gjestal Selbu Husflidgarn is an all wool sportsweight with 200 m to the 100 grams. It’s not very soft but not coarse either.

Wolhobby used about 150 grams, 300 m, on needles 3 mm. (project page here)
She adapted the stitch count a bit to fit around my legs and also added an extra purl stitch to frame the cabeling sections. The rest of the leg was knitted in stockinette stitch.
They are beautiful!

Oof… umpfh!… creak… crackle…. I can’t show you the back properly… and it’s so beautiful… oomph!

Wolhobby knows a better model than me to show these beauties:

pic by Wolhobby

pic by Wolhobby


Isn’t that some top notch knitting? Every cable crossing is correct. It’s totally tailor-made to my measurements. It really is a piece of art!

I’m very happy with them.


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