Preparing to wear green.

Being in a very green mood from the Travelling Stitch Legwarmers and the lovely Late Summer days I’m having at the cabin I’m “greening up” my garderobe.

I washed the shirts I dyed with reed flowers. They’ve had a few weeks to cure, now it was time to give them a proper hand wash. The rinse water was very dirty but a lot of colour remained on the cotton fabric:
reed green rinsed

Next I started spinning my green TdF prize batts because I can SO see a little handspun vest in it, just like Sprookjesvest which I’m wearing a lot these days.

Yes, I see here a lovely white greenish vest, to wear over those reed dyes shirts, on top of a skirt with my green Travelling Stitch Legwarmers under it:

The batts together are 150 grams. I added 75 grams of white Falkland top to make more meterage and to make the overall colour a touch more white.

I didn’t card the white in with the batts. The batts are perfect as they are, carding them again would ruin them: creating nepps and/or mixing all the colours into a boring lifeless blend.

To spin both fibres I just keep them together in one hand and draw from them simultaneously. The “feed”  to the wheel travels from side to side and I move my hand sideways to give it more white or more colour. I also twist my hand around to make sure the colour wraps around the white and sometimes to make the white wrap around the colour when there’s a bit coming up that’s particularly bright and could do with a toning down.

The single is a mix of the two fibres and often there’s a bit of barber pole going on as though it were a two ply. Individual specks of colour are well visible in the single.

Once it’s plied and knit up I expect the prominent specks of colour to have melted into the background. Here’s an impression how my vest will look, colour wise:

A calm colour with subtle variations. A very good colour as a backdrop for my face or jewellery or a shawl.

The lovely spinner’s delight will be that up close the specks of colour will still be visible. The purple, the bright green, a white nubb, it will all be there for the observant eye.
Yes, it will be an ongoing interesting fabric to have right under my nose. Which is where I wear my vests. How cleverly planned!


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