Weird Wool Wednesday: hearing a yarn’s voice.

I’ve looked at and talked to the yarn for days now but it still hasn’t responded to me. This is some weird yarn:

Clearly this is not mine.

Is this yours?  Update: this give-away has closed. You are welcome to comment but the yarn has found a new home.

It could be…

It is entirely possible I spun your yarn for you without either of us realizing!

It’s chain plied, 68 grams, 176 meters, a light DK weight. Merino, silk and a bit of sparkle.

(this picture was taken while a musquito was biting me on the leg)

Is this yarn speaking your language?

Tell me what the yarn says to you in the comments.

Leave me a comment under this post (or via Ravelry if you’d rather do so) about what this yarn says to you. In a week’s time I’ll ask one of you to send me your snail mail address and I will send you your yarn. I’ll send anywhere in the world!

It’s ready to leave my gate and go on the road:


or left:


5 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: hearing a yarn’s voice.

  1. Bijzonder hè dat het garen niets te zeggen heeft. Het zwijgt ook tegen mij. De mooie glanzende kastanje kijkt me aan, de kamperfoelie geurt bijna uit mijn scherm maar het garen zwijgt. Ik hoop en weet eigenlijk wel zeker dat het goed terecht gaat komen.

  2. The yarn reminds me of something…. when we were on our honeymoon in Italy in november 2006, we went walking in the woods surrounding Frascati. (a small town above Rome) And suddely in the middle of the forest i saw them… wild cylame flowers, soft pink, subtle green and greys of the leafs… that picture came vivid to my mind.

    Funny how something like the colors of yarn can bring a memory back that i have forgotten….

    But what it should become… i have no idea 🙂

  3. Hmm, I think this yarn is saying something about frost, spring time and plum blossoms. Perhaps that is why it seems odd surrounded by summer leaves! Myself, I love crisp spring colours. I think probably it is a lace edging on a shawl, with a silvery bark or lichen colour to go with it. Or maybe a rainy sky!

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