Wip en Pip. (many photos)

I filled one bobbin and am spinning the second one:

I knitted quite a bit on Emma cardigan. I did choose the Estonian knitting stitch Echo Flower or Laminaria:

I think it will be beautiful but it does take a while.

On the second Noro legwarmer I knitted a lot:

A friend gave me this lovely WIP-bag to put it in:

Expertly made by Fiberrachel. The colours have washed out a bit on the picture but it’s a lovely shade of green. I love it!

These are my WIPs.
Now meet my Pip:

Last weekend we noticed a scared kitten out in the patch of forest around my cabin. He was scared and he was hungry. So I fed him a bit. After a few days he started to meow back to me and raised his tail in greeting. I felt myself upgrading to MamaCat.
But it was still too scared to come near.

By Thursday morning I’d learned him he’d be fed on the veranda and that it was safe and I’d be in the cabin:

Slowly it grew bolder and bolder. Hunger is such a powerful motivator.

Thursday around noon I was laying on my knees in front of the cat flap and repeatingly offering a few kibbles in a little bowl to him, through the cat flat. Gradually he dared to snatch them from the bowl while my hand was so dangerously close by.

One hour later I had the door open and was kneeling on the threshold (ouch), having my arm stretched out, laying it casually next to the little bowl of food and my clogs.

A little later he found enough courage to press its little wet nose against my hand, turn around and sprinted off into the woods.
First friendly contact was made!
I closed the door and wept a little. So much impressed by its courage to overwin its fear because of a desire for friendliness.

To be recognized as a friendly force by such a scared tiny creature is touching.

Then it went fast.
I again opened the door, still kneeling, and started breaking up the big dental kibble Lillepoes eats into smaller pieces to try and handfeed the kitten.
Apparently I did not produce food fast enough. Kitten stepped over the treshold to help itself to the kibble directly.
I didn’t grab it, I just started stroking it. It seemed to like that! It was friendly. We were having a friendly moment.
Then before I knew it it had ventured into the cabin. It was in the living room!

Flabbergasted I closed the front door. The wild, scared kitten had come in!

Me and some more kibble sat on the ground and we proceeded feeding and petting. The kitten lost more and more of its fear:

Then it surrendered completely, letting go of all the fear and worries it had known for the week or longer it had lived outside:

The fluids welling in my eyes must have been my melted heart šŸ˜€
Then it fell asleep on top my feet:


I was allowed to remove the ticks from its face, there were seven! Including one on its eye lid.

Later on we moved to the couch where he slept for an hour. The kitten started purring and hasn’t stopped since:


Introduction to Lillepoes went ok. Lillepoes is shy and doesn’t speak “cat” very well. But the kitten was polite and didn’t push. Later on they were both interested in a game of catch-the-knitting-needle-under-the-sheep’s-rug.

In the evening the kitten went unto the litter box and produced a little bit of poo with an odour that left Lillepoes and myself stunned. It was terrible!

That night the kitten slept on the couch, by its own choice, while me and Lillepoes slept upstairs as we are wont to. I went downstairs to check a few times but everything was all right.

In the morning, while Lillepoes talked me through getting up and dressed, Pip came upstairs to say hello. He was again so overjoyed to be indoors and with friendly people, he just does not stop purring.

We went down, all three, with me doing the kitten shuffle where you don’t lift your feet and are very careful. Because hungry kitten is trying to trip you and eat you!

I had not slept much that night, worried as I was, but the early morning was filled with purrs:

Friday morning was spent getting to know the household a bit. PipĀ already figured out that the kitchen counter is where all the magic happens. And we learned about not biting the hand that feeds you and where the scratching post is.

Then Robert and Poekie arrived. At firstĀ Robert was a scary giant but he was loved within minutes of kneeling down. The courage of such a little kitten when meeting creatures of such sizes amazes me!

But Poekie was highly insulted!
SheĀ glared at him constantly,Ā cursing like a sailor. Deep growls and hissing snarls. There’s an “aa” sound in them: “hhhiaaaaaaaowrrrr”
I’ve never heard a cat curse out another cat! She had some colourful opinions on Pips existence, the purpose of the air he breaths and the marital state of all his ancestors. It was truly impressive.
The kitten stayed at a distance, politely looking away.


Later on we noticed her eyes were not so black anymore. She keeps growling and snarling whenever the kitten moves but she’s been blinking when he wasn’t looking so we’re not too impressed by her theatrics:

It’s going to be fine, we think.

Last night, everybody slept upstairs and it was fine. This morning more growling and purring but it’ll be fine.


It’s still such a baby:

We did take itĀ to the vet, to have it looked over. It’s healthy. It’s male. It’s 12 weeks old and it weighs 1150 grams.
After the visitĀ he had some little bits of spaghetti stuck to its fur and I grabbed them and showed Robert. He then said the magic word and I did a little song and dance with interesting arm movements and also a little bit of howling of my own.
(the magic word is “tapeworm”)

Now the kitten belly is not so bloated anymore.

Because the kitten is clearly socialized we thought somebody must be missing hem. So we’ve reported itĀ to the national services that deal with lost and found pets (amivedi) and to the animal health services. We also looked at Facebook and Marktplaats (an online market place such as Greggs list) but nobody seems to miss this little dude.

Robert’s been around all the neighbours to ask. And they told the tale that is the most probably thing that happened: Ā kittens get dumped around here all the time. Multiple times per year. At the industry park in the vicinity.

This enrages us. Pip has been fending for himself for at least a week now and was not doing well at all. Young cats who were raised in a house cannot survive outdoors and they are not socially equipped enough to getĀ people to help them. It takes a true cat lady like myself with days of free time on her hands to get one to trust her and to rescue it. Or it takes observing people like the one horse-owner down the road to notice the kitten and ring the services who will try and catch it to bring it to a shelter. (we only have no-kill shelters in this country)

That’s only two cat-minded-people in multiple square kilometres of lands where busy roads are and water ways and buzzards and owls and martens (“steenmarter”) and ticks and no food and 20 houses with farm dogs and people who do not notice a kitten in distress.
Anybody who needs to get rid of a kitten should just bring it to a shelter. It’s 15 minutes of feeling like an ass, bringing a kitten there, but you leave with 15 years of confidence ahead that the cat is living safe and healthy.

After we heard this story, about kittens being dumped near here often, we allowed ourselves to grow more attached to the kitten. Changes are slim anybody is coming for him. And Lillepoes and Poekie seem to be ok with it, soon. Lillepoes is already taking on the roll of big sister.
That’s when we named him. Only an hour ago, to be truthfully. Because once you name a cat you’re his.

Pip’s already a true cat:

Pip, Purrr in Progress:


8 thoughts on “Wip en Pip. (many photos)

  1. Great post! I can’t believe you were able to document all the progress with photos! I remember the smell of kitten poo. I remember having to apologize to a workman who came in to work on our stove because the whole house just reeked of it.

    He’s a darling kitten. Black and white with the pink nose for accent.

  2. Wat een heerlijk verhaal en wat een dapper dodootje! Mijn hart is ook gesmolten (inclusief bijbehorend traanvocht). šŸ˜‰ Heel veel geluk voor kleine Pip. Hij heeft zijn nieuwe thuis goed gekozen.

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