Finished: Noro Legwarmers

Each is about 79 cm long. They weigh 130 grams together so that suggests 540 m or 600 yards for the both of them. Knitted on needles 3 mm.

I changed colours every two rows.
At the ribbing at the top I changed every three rows because, with the purling visible at the right side, there’s no solid row of one colour if you change every second row. Looks very heathered otherwise.

I only got to take the one picture and then:

Pip is very present. You see the papers and boxes on the floor, we’re playing in and around them all the time. Lillepoes too!
The three of us watch how “a suspicious creature” (a knitting needle) creeps along the edges of a box. Sometimes a cat pounces. More often I’m sitting there like a fool, moving needles but no yarn.
Yes, I’m pretty much the cat entertainment section at our house now.

To be honest, it takes a toll on me. I have difficulty remaining relaxed and at ease which is so important for my health recovery. My shoulders are tensing up all the time. I worry about Lillepoes. I forget to take my pills.

Whenever I go to the kitchen counter, for my pills or to make a cup of tea, Pip zooms after me like a knitter after Qiviut.
Ack, such whining for food! How much does a kitten eat anyway!? I’m sure he’s about to burst but he keeps insisting there’s room for more.

I spend much time giving Lillepoes one-on-one attention. She needs it, since she doesn’t speak “cat” very well and she hasn’t put Pip in his place. Who is now walking all over her, trying to engage her in play. (This may be a deal-breaker. The rest of this week we’ll see if they both can thrive in the same house. I’m correcting Pip for her when we play, the three of us. I do this in a cat-like manner and hope that Pip associates it with her. Yesterday went ok. But this morning it was kadooph, kadooph, kadooph! all up and down the stairs again. I’m not sure Lillepoes doesn’t mind. She ìs very happy when I tend to her though. And she dóes invite me to play more than before Pip was here. We’ll see. A lot rides on these first few days.)

We had a quiet half hour yesterday evening. She’s wearing her winter coat already. I swear she was watching TV!


One thought on “Finished: Noro Legwarmers

  1. Being in the midst of cat socialising games myself I can relate to the relaxation issue! Only I have 6 to keep track of. At least the 4 big ones can go outside for a timeout whenever they like and the girls have each other. And my weavings…. oy.

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