Weird Wool Wednesday: lost the plto

I really have NO IDEA what I’m doing today. It’s utter chaos here. Wool chaos!

Cats are lying on my projects so I cannot work on them AND they’re making me sit on the floor instead of the couch; I’ve casted on for projects I’ve got no business casting on; I’m neglecting things I ought to do such as repair my wheel or sew on buttons and pockets. I’ve laid out yarn and am constant looking at it because I want to knit with it asap. (I’ve made a new design for one of them, spend a whole day on it too. It’s a cardigan but I already have two cardigans still on the needles. One of the needles in the size I’d need for the new project. I really ought to finish that one first. But the yarn… it’s calling me) The other yarn lies near chocolate bonbons… I’m being called there too. I’m contemplating knitting that yarn with the Blue Texel I’ve already spun which means I can stop spinning the rest of it and spin something more fun. But then I’m left with half a fleece of Blue Texel! whatever will I use that for? No idea… but I really want to spin something else. IF I repair my wheel first. Also: I’m gathering what to bring to the city next week and my weaving loom is on the list. Need to gather yarns for it, and project ideas. There are already some in my head. And some on scraps of paper. If the cat hasn’t found those… Oh, and I’m dyeing yarn, fleece and more yarn today (how did THAT come about? I’ve got so much more important things to do!)(It’s going wrong too so I’m overdyeing and overdyeing again). (Ashford Dyes “green” is not a very green).

The floor is a mess, the kitchen is a mess and I haven’t looked in a mirror all day (probably for the best). Oh, must remember to buy anti-worm pills, Pip had another piece of “live spaghetti” at the rear. Pills for humans, mind.

Pfff and this day is only half done!

(the handspun in the last picture is a delight to knit with. It’s going to be my Dream Vest.)


2 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: lost the plto

  1. How funny and somehow detached,the way you describe the chaos in your home and heart today. I miss cats (didn’ dare to have another one since the last one got killed by a car), they are such good excuses to leave things be. I wonder how Pip will react to the city. Having to stay indoors I suppose. Which is something I cannot do with cats, being a very outdoor person myself.
    I enjoy your blogposts, even though I don’t comment so often.

    • It’s always so nice to hear from you 🙂
      “Somehow detached and funny “is how I prefer my life. I imagine a program where we can call in anonymously and tell about the contents of the bags we carry around in public, looking all normal and average: “Half a sock. Knitting needles. A full saltshaker. Empty dental floss container, to cut yarn with. One dog comb, to comb fleece with.”

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