Felted cat toy

I got a felted cat toy from Wolop, it has a tinkle in it. It’s a big hit with the kitten!

I managed to photograph it for one second:

It’s well made!


He’s been playing with it endlessly. Endlessly!

So we put in an order with Wolop for another three.

While we wait for them to get to us I thought I’d make a few myself so I don’t have to come and look for the real one every 20 minutes. Because it gets lost under the cupboard or in some dusty corner and then the kitten is inventing other games instead:

Yes. Thank you. sigh

(I can’t believe how big he looks in some pictures. He’s really still a pre-teen. Sometimes very much a baby even.)
(He weighted 1400 grams at the vet this morning. 13 weeks old, starting to change his teeth.)

For the toys I rolled some felting wool around a little bell. I added some long stringy bits, to tie the wool together. Because it’s not easy to keep an object encased in wool while you’re felting it.

They turned out a bit wonky… but still fun to play with, right?
Well Pip, what do you think of my felted cat toys?

Gee, thanks cat.
I guess I’ll be over there, on my belly, angling under the cupboard for the real thing.


2 thoughts on “Felted cat toy

    • I’m sitting here sniffing it… Let’s hope nobody looks through the window.
      no, no cat nip.
      sniffing the others now.. they smell of soap. Wolop’s smells of sheep, that might be it. Mine are more scratchy too.
      (thank you for making me look weird today, sniffing wool balls. It was your plan all along wasn’t it?)

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