Knitting a weird hat.

I don’t know why but I’ve been knitting a hat for the last 10 days.
A hat is not at the top of my To-Do list. But I wanted to use that handspun I’ve used before that doesn’t look so good just knitted on its own. I happened to have a ball of Wollmeise Lace yarn in a glorious deep purple (Gran Mère) that would be a great combination. I wanted to knit these yarns so casted on.

I alternate the two skeins and I knit the Wollmeise in stockinette stitch and the handspun in garter. The colours of the handspun finally look splendid.

Contemplating hat shapes, I was toying with the idea of a sideways crescent shape, to cover my ears, from which you pick up stitches on one side to form the back.
Mainly because I didn’t want to knit a swatch, I wanted to start right away and that sideways part you can just knit until it’s long enough.

As I was forming my thoughts I was roaming through the Ravelry database and sure enough I had just “unvented” a hat that already exists. Lee Meredith, a fun and good designer, already has a hat pattern very much like my idea:

Gentle on my Mind by Lee Meredith

Now I had a bit of a dilemma.
If I look close enough at the pattern pictures I can reverse-engineer this design. Knit it without buying it? That doesn’t feel right…

So I ventured to create my own pattern from scratch but I was pleased to see that it could be done. It still didn’t feel quite right, to knit a hat that looks very much like a designed one. Especially with a designer that’s so skilled and writes such good patterns as Lee Meredith does, you really want to support them.
I seriously contemplated buying this design, just to feel good about myself, but at 7 US dollars I thought it a bit expensive for just that purpose. It seems the price of my quilt maxes out at 4 euros. I’m not proud.

I did my best to make my hat differ from Lee’s design. My decreases at the back are different, creating a different shape and rhythm in stripes. I don’t know what Lee did with the short rows in the back, I did my own thing.

And now I’ve ended up with a weird hat:

I doubt I’ll wear this in the city. It’s more of a Renaissance fair look…

Fit is perfect though and it does keep my ears warm…

I’ve got no idea how to bring this hat around. The bottom needs to be finished. And perhaps it needs some kind of trim at the front, to make it more sophisticated. But what and how?

No idea. It’ll be parked for a while while I hatch a new thought.
Neat stripe work. The colours work well and the fabric handles well too. That’s some problems solved. Now to un-weird it. Because it’d be a shame not to wear this.


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