Weird Wool Wednesday: Put a sock in it!

— early edition because I’m exited —

I got myself a mannequin. A dress form. It just got delivered:

It’s the adjustable dress form Prymadonna by Prym. Adjustable at bust, waist and hips, independently from each other.

That way I was able to set the bust at my upper bust measurement of EU 40 (92 cm); my waist to EU 38 (78 cm) and my hip to EU 36 (90 cm):

Hey, this is me, this is my frame!

I checked with a measuring tape and they all match: the shoulders, the upper bust, the waist, the hips, the width of the shoulder and the length of the torso (all adjustable).
It’s all pretty squarish… yes, I’m shaped like a door: no waist, no hips.

All it needs now is a crocheted grocery bag containing two melons…

pic by RedGrouse
Crochet Grocery Bag by Haley Waxberg, a free pattern.

Oh. Forgot my crochet hook. Have to work with what I have. Here we are:

Hmm, that shape DOES look familiar.

Let’s use some handknits to check:

Hey, that’s me. That’s totally me!

How good I look in handknits.
Yes, handknits make life look good.

Life without handknits…. is so deflated:


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