No knitting, no Zorro. Housetour, cats.

I’m barely knitting this week now that I’ve got my dress form and silly fabrics to play with.
Sewing patterns are covering the knitting:

I’m also enjoying some serious down time now that I delivered the final engineers’ report for the court case, last week. That took an unexpected 1,5 extra days of stress I had not counted on. As you know I have to allocate my energy very precisely and this extra stress has taken its toll.
I’m glad to report I’m bouncing back already but I’m not knitting or blogging much.

On top of that there’s Pip.
Our two other cats couldn’t adjust to the presence of the kitten. They weren’t coping very well. Especially Poekie is too old for changes, she ended up being one tense ball of anger, positioned on her pillow in the middle of the room, growling and batting at anything that moved.
Which is such a shame because all Pip wants is to make friends and cuddle fellow cats. He’s such a happy chap! It was hurtful to see him trying and longing and getting nowhere with the two old cats who like their solitude.

He turned to me and we cuddled and played all the time. But I’m no cat and Pip’s too active for me too, especially when I have things to do. I was barely getting a chance to catch my breath and I really needed to, with the engineer thing and all.
My husband wasn’t his relaxed self either. He got anxious every time the cats were trying to sort things amongst themselves. He couldn’t do what cats do: forget about the ruckus we just had a moment ago and live in this moment, here, now.
Maybe we, the humans, are too old for this kitten too…

So we brought him to my brother. He and his wife have a cat who’s used to a little black and white chatter box. After a few days things seem to go well there:

We/they are trying for a few more days but the kitten already’s got a new name: Zorro! šŸ˜€

I miss the little bugger tremendously.
He had promoted me to MamaCat, he was chirping to me all the time, cuddling. Awww. I miss him so much!
It’s a very weird sensation, experiencing this tugging in the heart area, just thinking about him. I’m hoping to go visit next week. Not sure that’s wise though.

The past few days have been good for us. For me, my husband, Poekie, Lillepoes. Everybody has had a chance to sleep in, to loaf about, to eat without distraction, to play favourite games just the way you like them best and to generally bask in peace and quiet.

I’ve been playing with fabric. This is my sewing spot:

On the wall is the first wood block print I ever made, from a Cat agenda I had when I was… 14 years old?
On the computer there’s an audio book. Agatha Christie. And yes, I sew on an old foot treadle machine. Just the running stitch. It’s great though. Very precise and calming. Can’t do button holes though.

I changed an existing pattern for a blouse and now I’m trying out my new design in that funny x-massy deer fabric. Keeping it all playful, after all the stressy times:

There’s my personalized tape measure, made by a cat loving friend. Her cat was missing for a week, we were all so worried. And last night he turned up! Hungry, thin but oh so happy!
This cat is a shy, cross eyed, Snow Shoe (?). Such a beauty:

So glad he’s home!!

What’s it with cats today? I’m welling up again.

Next to my sewing table is the wool closet.
I so love nice furnitures, especially made of wood. I enjoy my surroundings every day. The materials, the craftmanship, how they look, feel.

My circular holder, with needle gauge little diver:

I’ve been planning to make a new circ holder for years now… sigh. One that’s more natural coloured. With the numbers of the needles on it.
Such as this pattern, Lobster, by Norah Gaughan:

Oh mannn, I now see I had this fav’ed more than 5 years ago. With note: “I want one like this, with numbers on it”.

I was thinking of just sewing a slab of felt to another slab of felt. I don’t see the point of knitting it and then felting it.
I’ve been designing on it a bit, over the years. Thinking what would be a nice shape to incorporate all these hanging circulars. I thought they may look like cat’s whiskers. But I couldn’t figure out how to give a cat a long stack of whiskers without it looking weird. Because I wanted the needle gauges on it. At least <2-2-2,25-2,5-2,75-3-3,25-3,5-3,75-4-5-6->6
For this year I put it WITH BIG LETTERS on my calendar. Alas, I didn’t make one. Perhaps try bold letters next year.

Inside the wool-closet:

They all seem to be sleeping.

Here’s the little table next to the door. Oof, that picture has a nasty yellow tint, the walls are green in real life.
Besides the colour this is me in a nutshell!

A painting I made of a very nice birch I know in the park where I used to walk. A calendar from Bergen I got from a friend. (Giving me heart tugs… Norway. Hopefully I’ll be able to return one day.)
Chocolate bonbons, in a crystal container because I like to pretend I’m a lady when I eat chocolates in private (I also enjoy the colour sparkles that the crystal gives on the wall). An empty tea mug ready for transport to the kitchen. Our phone called “nootje” (peanut I don’t know why… even though I was the one naming it.). Lillepoes’ yellow hair brush (the best!). The “click-clack” because we’re lazy/efficient when it comes to switching lights on/off. And the large glass heir loom vase that usually stands on my sewing table. With handy pincushion made by a dear friend.

A view to the front room. The door opens straight onto the street. To the left is Mina the dress form. I’ve given her my woolen jacket to wear, she seemed a little bare in just a bra stuffed with socks.

Here’s what I’m wearing myself:

That’s one blouse finished, in Stylish Cat Lady fabric. No buttons. I ought to put it on Mina and take pictures. But I’m too laze/busy with deer.
I am covered in handknits. I love beautiful, useful things.


2 thoughts on “No knitting, no Zorro. Housetour, cats.

  1. Love the needle holder! I need to put a holder on my list of To-Make’s too… Mine are all squirrelled away in a drawer, and I have to dig through to find the one I need each time. Why make it difficult, when it can be simple? That way I’ll have a few extra sewing/knitting minutes, and less frustration… win/win!

  2. Thanks for the tour! That was really fun. I love the beams on the ceiling in your sewing machine photo – very lovely.

    I am sure it was hard to have to find Hip another hole. I got my cat a “playmate” about seven years ago ā€“ they have never gotten along. The smaller one has to treat the larger one like an alcoholic relative. She always has to keep an eye on him and assess his moods, because he periodically decides to beat her up, or at least threaten her. She refuses to let it ruin her life, though. She is a very spunky little thing.

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