Finished socks and a visit to Pip.


Yarn held double, needles 3 mm. In a colourway that looks like old fashioned bricks.

I knit on them yesterday, when I visited Pip/Zorro in yet another lustrious Dutch city: Utrecht. A city with a long history of academia a lots of red brick buildings and canals and bikes:

They have this one tower they really love… the Dom.

I came well prepared. In my bag I had my felted clogs, a lace wimple, bag of cat food and a WIPbag with black cats on it.

I also brought this:

Two felted cat toys and a sock needle protection case. All hand made by Wolop.

Pip aka Zorro didn’t display much emotions when I came through the door. He didn’t seem to recognize me, he was more interested in whether I was able to make food appear in his bowl.

Later on he did give me a cuddle and touched my nose with his like he used to do. But soon he went to pester his room mate, Pancha, whom he adores. He clearly doesn’t pine for me, life has moved on. That’s ok, that’ll make it easier for me.

Even the cats have to put up with the ever present Dom!

When I left the city I made sure my bag was well stocked again:

Chocolate bonbons and marzipan!

On the way back home the landscape was very Dutch: flat and green with high waters. And again the train had not enough seats and I had to stand again! Dutch train service is terrible in that respect.

I did manage to knit some more on my bed sock, standing in the train.
I’d love to show you but I can’t:

(the chocolate bonbons are already nearly gone… I bought too many flavoured with cardemom….nomnomnom)


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