Weird Wool Wednesday: best plans

I’ve been itching to continue knitting on the green handspun vest. Knitting with handspun is such a delight! It goes faster than knitting with commercial yarn too.  And I love the green handspun. Can’t wait to wear my vest! With a handmade blouse.

I did the math and the designing to figure out how to knit up the second shoulder strap. All I need to do now is to sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy that lovely knit. It will be time lovely spent!

So made a cup of tea, sat down, took up the needles and….

cast on for the planned handspun Shetland and Blue Texel garment instead!

Why? I want my green vest!

yeah, but, you see, ahh… this is such a lovely knit too! I’ve been looking forward to try out the things I studied in the swatch. And this lovely yarn has been sitting on my table and it’s so nice.

Actually, once I started I couldn’t put it down. This was knitted in one night, last night, long after my husband went to bed and I had said: “just let me knit a few rows fast, to see how these colours work together.”
It’s a lofty bouncy yarn, needles 5 mm, change colours every 5 rows.

A little bit of stranding, or slipped stitches rather. It’s not getting bulky.

I can’t explain why I’m knitting this instead of the green vest…
I suspect it may have to do something with the city. In the city I want to knit other things than I’ve planned and prepared for in the cabin. The green handspun is very much “cabin”.

The same with my wheel. I brought it to the city because I was having a delightful time in the cabin, spinning that silken moonlight by Passe-Partout. I bought extra roving at the Annual Spinners’ Retreat, just to prolong that lovely experience.

Hauled the wheel to the city, that day when I drove myself, Lillepoes and the kitten with all their extra luggage to the city. Unloaded the car, parked the wheel in the front room. And haven’t touched it since:


It’s true that I do need to fix it first, the snare broke:

But truth is I haven’t even thought about it in the last couple of weeks. And I’ve been in the city for weeks now! It’s like this part of the room has a blind spot, a wheel shaped blind spot.

Other things I haven’t touched are the Contiguous Blue cardigan and Arlene cardi. And Holle Cardi! That one only needs some buttons and then is ready to wear, it’s already been blocked! It’s all there too, neatly arranged in a WIP bag. Cardi, buttons and a friendly tin with all the notions needed.

Just sit down, have a cup of tea and sew on that buttons. And this is a real city-knit! It has style and grace and I can wear it and nobody will make remarks about how “home knitted” I look.

Yes, this is a good city knit. Just the thing for a leisurely hour in my stylish living room.

So I made myself a cup of tea, sat down, picked up the needles and:

knitted a x-mas ornamental owl instead.


The pattern is Oisin owl by Pauline Gallagher. I used a yarn that’s not in the Ravelry database yet, DMC Frida, a single spun aran weight with bamboo and silk. I’ll go add it now.

When we return to the cabin and I become forest-Anna again I’ll be shaking my head in disbelief at city-Anna.
And probably, hopefully, finally knit on my green handspun vest.


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