A lovely block!

knitted on 2 mm needles, with sock yarn weight held double.
The spotted yarn I dyed myself, long ago:

On dry yarn so the colours wouldn’t soak into the wool. I used vinegar water to make the dye, so the dye would set. Then I put it onto the yarn, first with an old tooth brush later with a spraying device.

It took a lot of effort because only the outer side of the skein would get sprayed. I had to open up the skein all the time and add more dye. This was very tiresome because back than my blood pressure was too low to be doing things like this.

It was then steamed for 45 minutes.

Earlier this year I knitted a pair of Skew socks from it. Flax Skews that I love very much. This colourway makes me smile!

The heart is made in 100% pure silk, handdyed by a local indie dyer Dutch Knitting Design, who’s also a personal friend.
I love silk yarn!

The design itself is Block Week 5, by Corien, from the Karma Knus Blanket. In 2013 I made the whole blanket for myself.
This sweet little block is for someone else. I put a lot of love into it and I’m confident she will know this every time she touches this block. 🙂


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