A swap received!

We’ve just had a swap in the Dutch Karma Swap Group. It was a secret one and it was called “Elementary, my dear.”
Revolving around British detective stories!

You were to send a package to your swappee without revealing your identity. Some clues should be given so that the receiver could go investigating. For the past two weeks packages have been received and people have been guessing and in the group we’ve had the most fun trying to steer them this way and that.

Look at what arrived at my house:

Wonderfully wrapped presents and clues! Done with much attention!
I love all the nice papers and labels! Such an harmonious combination but with funny details and no shying away from colours.
I think that in itself is a clue towards the identity of my anonymous sender.

There was a real treasure map/clue letter, cleverly not handwritten because that I would trace back to someone:

In rhyme!

From this letter I deduced that my swapper is a person who’s intelligent and humourous and knows her way around computers. And has a natural eye for details.

This focused me on a sub set of members of the group who are currently in higher education or are known for a high degree of finesse when it comes to crafting.
Also probably no kids or chronic illness to distract the mind.

Next was a major clue! The letter was sealed with a personal seal:

A “G”! There were no participants with ravelry-names starting with “G”… but this seal is too special to own for merely a Ravelry nickname, no, it’s probably the first letter of their real name. Something to investigate!

Also, whoever owns a seal and sealing wax and knows how to use it properly must be somewhat of a geek.
However, that does not narrow down the field particularly with the participants in this swap.

I unwrapped some more.
The four small packages contained written clues in a certain order. Each was in a lovely quirky paper. I think they come from a brand called Flow, which is a magazine and sometimes gives out nice printed pieces of paper.
I know at least two participants who revels in paper and stationary and this particular magazine…. Made a little mental note.

The two large packages contained high quality spinning fibres!

BFL, Mulberry Silk and Merino by Hilltop Cloud and BFL by Passe-Partout!
The last one I know well, the former will be an lovely exploration. By the looks of things it will be a delight to spin, it’s soft and beautiful in colouring.
Looking at the site of Hilltop Cloud I’m getting even more enthousiastic. A one woman entreprise, focussing on specifically spinning quality. Yes please!

My secret swapper had done a marvellous job, choosing these fibres for me. My favourite fibres (BFL and Mulberry Silk) and great colours.
This had been some excellent sleuthing on her behalf!

There final package contained a large bar of chocolate with hazelnuts, Tony Chocolonely, a producer that tries to deliver not only fair trade products but slave free too. Apparently there’s still a lot of slave labour in the cacao industry.
Tony C. has recently launched in the US and is now for sale at PDX, Portland International Airport.

Even though Tony produces big bars (180 grams of chocolate!) this one was already half gone by the time I was done unwrapping and petting.

Here are all the goodies!

I’m not ashamed I ate all the chocolate. As any crime writer can tell you chocolate is excellent fuel for the little grey cells.

That’s how I deduced who my generous sender was. But I didn’t say so out loud online and we made fun to and fro for the next couple of days. Especially when she herself received her package (not sent by me).

Hint/her ravatar:

This is a person who’s name starts with a G and she’s finishing up her Masters and wants to go on to get a PhD. And she has lots of humour!!


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