An easy vest and a difficult one.

Is this cheating?

I felted an old woolen pullover in the washing machine. Cut off sleeves and collar.
Hey presto, a vest and wristwarmers!

Neaten the edges with some crochet handspun. (It’s that Blue Texel I’ve been spinning (in my mind) for ever.)

Yay! I plan to wear it with all those grey blouses I’m sewing for my green handspun vest.

I’ve got two blouses finished but have stranded spectacular midway the third one. I might have inserted the sleeve up side down or something, that’s how bad it looks at the moment. I’ve thrown it in a corner, couldn’t even muster the courage to take pictures and ask for help

I hope I figure it out soon though. I want to get to a usable basic blouse pattern. I’ve got plans, you see:

All to go with my grey vest. And my green handspun vest!

Which is at a bit of a canundrum too.

After knitting and ripping the second shoulder strap numerous times I’ve abandoned trying to match the first. The second shoulder strap will now become an after thought, designer feature. In solid green, I thought, to emphasize its difference from the existing shoulder strap. Perhaps crochet it even. Macramé?

As an after thought I can also use it to make the fit is exactly right, use it to adjust how the vest sits at the front:

Because there’s a bit of a thing with how this sits at the front.

This’s how I designed it. The piece sits straight in the middle.
The darts are precisely under the bust. There’s a designed line going from the centre to the non-strap-side.

But sitting like this it looks better:

Sits more comfortable too.

Now the horizontal line in the panel is horizontal (There’s a rule that you usually shouldn’t have a horizontal line near your breasts when you’re well endowed. It’s a good rule. But it’s not the law.)
The part under the shoulder strap lays nicer over my breast.
But the whole thing is shifted to that side now. Bust darts are no longer at their proper positions. I’d have to undo and redo that whole part.

It does look much better now. Feels better too.
It’ll need additional fabric at the non-shoulderstrap-side. About a hand’s width. A vertical knitted strip perhaps. I think I have handspun enough. Oh, I could incorporate the shoulder strap in this strip, make it flow from the top down, along the side. It’d be another designer element.

Whoah there, horsey.
You’re getting a bit over enthousiastic. Designer elements are popping up like crazy in this vest.
It was supposed to be a quick, unassuming knit. Just enjoying the yarn.

I think this vest is getting too many distractions from what should be a simple goal.
A bit like building a toy car for your cat so it will leave you alone while you go and repair your bike so you can cycle into town to get more flour because you want to make a pancake cake. For the cat.

Sven Nordqvist. A great illustrator.

With the green vest I’ve come so far. I’m probably half way now. There are some really nice things in there, like the increases for the bust and the solid green i-cord that’s both practical and will help to pull the whole thing together. (The side seams will be in solid green too, broadened to make the fit perfect.

It will be a smashing piece when finished! A real designer vest. But going on, I won’t know what other problems will arise. “Trudging” is the word for how it’s going. In all aspects of life really, at the moment, so I can’t even properly asses if it’s just me or the vest too.

Ripping it all out will really hurt.
But then I’d get a vest soon, probably. An unassuming vest, but pleasant to wear. A nice stage for my blouses to shine on. Nothing special. But nice.

I can’t decide what to do. I’ll wait a bit until I feel better, have a clearer head. Probably. (I could just go on knitting on it in the mean time.)(No harm in that)


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