Green handspun vest .2 and .3

I frogged the handspun. It hurt.
Funny thing is that I remembered the whole Hercule Poirot audio book that I listened to when I knit it. Do you have this too?

I looked for a sensible pattern for a sweater vest that I could follow from A to Z. It’s called Flinders (which sounds like misspelled “butterflies in Belgium” to my Dutch ears) and it’s top-down and for my gauge:

Flinders Sweater Vest by Linda from clickertyclick

I knitted on it yesterday. But this morning I decided to frog that too. In the pattern the shoulder straps are quite broad and that’s why I deviated from the pattern and then I fudged things to try and make the numbers work for the rest of the pattern and now the back panel looks really weird:

It grows wide too fast, that’s just below the shoulders, halfway the arm holes. I’m knitting wings.

It’s a nice pattern though. Well written too.
It’s top down with a raglan. That means you get raglans in the shoulder pieces. That’s interesting:

When worked in self striping yarn you get an interesting box thing going on at the shoulders. If you want you can have a look at the projects for this pattern here.

Right after posting this post I’ll be frogging it and starting on another pattern. One that I WILL follow to the lettre.
(just may hussle up the words a bit.)

It’s Hilja by Niina Hakkarainen:

Not top down but in my gauge.

I’m rewriting the sequence of the steps a bit so I can cast on for the back panel halfway. Then work upwards to the shoulders.

Work downwards the front panel. Join with back panel and then work in the round downwards for as far as my yarn will allow. (think about the ribbing, whether I want it in this handspun or in the solid green)

I’m writing really fast. I’m about to board a train and visit a knitter’s party for the day. I want to knit this on the train and at the party. I won’t bring my iPad, won’t have the back up of the actual pattern.

This may not be wise at all…


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