knitting the vest at the party

I went to the knitter’s party by train and I brought my knitting. Cast on at the platform, first row in the carriage:

I was all dressed up for the occassion, colourmatching my skirt to my shawl. That’s a new shawl pin being prominent, I had made just it the day before. (another sign I’m doing better. Haven’t made a shawl pin in over a year)

I love taking the train. It feels like you step into the machine that is current society. You get to watch how all the cogs turn and how everything’s coordinated, without any demands made on yourself, other than being “the paying costumer”.
People and trains are scheduled to meet at a certain place and most of them show up and the people make the train run and I get to board it and enjoy the service and look out the window where other people are meeting in buildings or working the land and together we are all making society.

I sat back and enjoyed the ride:

Then I arrived at the party and it was great!

Nothing loud or extrovert. I was planted at the table, got a big piece of pie put in front of me and a hot drink in an appropriate drinking vessel:

Commence the knitting and the talking and the laughter and the occasional silence and more pie and more knitting and more laughter!

The table was filled with tea, coffee, pies and yarn cakes.
That enamel pan is a yarn bowl:

My neighbour brought an Addi knitting machine:

With this thing you can make tubes which is basically a sweater without arms and collar.
Or you can knit to and fro like she is doing and make a rectangle. Here with a double threaded sock yarn: a sock blanket. You dye it, you roll it into two balls and knit two identical socks from it. It’s great fun!

The mechanical knitting of the sock blanket took quite a long time. Not as long as actual handknitting of course! That might have taken 8 hours, with the Addi machine she was done in one.
And the operator had to be careful. Whenever the thread miss one of the teeth a whole would appear in the blanket. She was careful and no holes were made. But it took quite some time and it convinced me I do not need one of these.

I knitted on my vest and after binding off for the neck hole I followed the pattern but did just not understand how these shoulder straps were to transit into straps at the front.
Was I to increase there and somehow sew the two sloping bits together?
As you would with the shoulder seams of a cardigan or pullover (to accommodate sloping shoulders).

Turns out this is wrong:

This is right:

The extra decreases after binding off the middle part, go near that middle part, not at the far edges. They’re use to shape the neck hole.

It’s great to knit in the company of real life knitters, who can just look over your work and suggest solutions! They didn’t even laugh at me.
Not then anyway 😉

I had a wonderful day! 🙂


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