Madrid wrist warmers (stulpen).

I’ve struck a deal with my friend Linda, we’re doing a swap. I’m giving her a “magic ball” which is a skein wrapped around all kinds of presents that you only get access to as you knit yourself through the skein. A good way to get her to knit something for herself.

In return she agreed to knit wrist warmers for me:

The pattern is Madrid by Alexandra Brinck (free!) and she used my own handspun, the sparkly Nunoco batt.

It’s the fibre I got in the previous swap and I knew I wanted something fairy tale like from it.

And now I have!

They are so soft and warm and so well knit! Linda is an amazing knitter. Even stitches, even tension and not one fault. She knits to a very high standard and I know she’s been ripping and reknitting these quite a bit, fighting a concentration problem.

She did it and they’re amazing! A delight to wear!

She put in beads:

Besides, look how custom made the sizing is! Snug around my tiny wrists but roomy around my peddle like hands. Linda is a perfectionist.

They’re very classy city-handknits. I won’t be taking these to the cabin.

The style of these wristwarmers is called “stulpen”. I’m not sure what the word means, it’s German. To me it brings an association of tulips, which are “tulpen” in Dutch.

They do resemble the shape:

gr tulp

Stulpen are my favourite shapes for wristwarmers because they not only cover the wrist but also the base of the hand, where I get cold the easiest. But they don’t hinder the thumb by having a thumb.

Thank you Linda! I hope to finish your magic ball soon and then you can cast on for you.


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