Advent Voorpret


I’m just zooming by to share that the fun in the Swedish Advent Mystery Knit has begun.

It’s over on Swedish blog “Jul med Tålamodspåsen” from Eva-Lotta Staffas. The knitting designer/teacher who focusses on traditional knitting from Europe, I talked about her Mystery Advent Knit from last year here.

One of her designs:

Pattern for last year’s advent mystery found here.

This year is still a mystery. But today she’s fired up the blog and she’s saying we should gather sock yarns in various fun colours:

Hmmm…. (semi)solids in striking colours. What a delicious clue!

Sock yarn = sock???

I’m so looking forward to this!
Usually I hate Mystery Knits. I’m so often critical of and disappointed by the design. But for this one I’m looking forward to knit just a little bit each day, to enjoy the togetherness and hopefully get exposed to some of those traditional knitting techniques.

Project 2014 certainly had those:

I may even combine the two and knit last years mitts alongside this year’s project…

But first: colour selection!
What luck that we’re at the cabin for the weekend, this is where the sock yarn lives. The skeins that aren’t entered into my Ravelry stash. Because sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, dontchaknow?
Word! It’s been the law since 2007:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.41.41

I’m filled with glee. (Is that the right word or has it been tainted by media productions? I’m not singing, if that helps.)

In Dutch we have a word particular to joyfull anticipation: “voorpret”. Literally “pre-fun” with the empasize on the “fun”part.

I think the English language should have a word like that. “Anticipation” doesn’t cut it. It lacks the thrill that sings inside the chest, the rubbing of hands, the mental preparing to dive into the colours of the stash:



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