the WIPs at the moment & finished Hilja vest

These are the projects I’m actively working on.

Sleeping socks:

Gobbling up all kinds of sock yarn remnants. I’m nearly at the knee so soon they’ll be finished. Mindless knitting, lovely.
On needles 3 mm.

The handspun sweater vest:

pattern Hilja by Niina Hakkarainen. Used 490 m handspun  and less than 10 grams of sock yarn for the borders. Both yarns knitted on needles 3,75mm.

Just bound off. Needs its ends woven in. I know that as soon as I do so I’ll have a strong urge to sew another blouse to wear under it. But I’m still perfecting the sewing pattern for the blouse ànd am attending a course so I can’t decide what to do: muddle on on my own or wait for a couple of weeks until we have drafted a decent pattern in the course.
On my own, I really don’t have a clear idea of what I’m doing, when it comes to arm holes and collars.
On the other hand: I want to wear this sweater vest. In a couple of weeks deep winter will be here and it will be too cold.

Anyway, post phoning weaving in the ends and making decisions until tomorrow.

The Texel Shetland blanket/wrap:

Still working on the panel at the right. Also doing a bit of study how to attach the panels together.
And studying applied i-cords.

Arlene vest and Blue Contiguous are hiding in the closet. They might come out when the studying or sewing isn’t satisfactory.
Some Skew socks are lurking in WIP bags. If there are any more WIPs I have conveniently forgotten about them at this moment.


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