Swedish Advent MKAL: stretchy cast-on from Estonia

It’s the first of December and the Swedish Mystery KAL over at Jul met Tålamodspåsen has begun.

It’s going to be a pair of socks!
With colourwork!
oei oei

I haven’t done colourwork in ages, because of my shoulder. And socks should fit (be knitted kind of tight) but they should also fit (be kind of stretchy which means even stranding).
This is quite the task for me.

But I’ll give it a go. With one sock for starters. Or one wrist warmer if the leg turns out too tight/loose.
Just for the fun of it.

The fun starts right away because as I hoped EvaL8 introduces some European knitting traditions. A stretchy cast-on from Estonia, explained by Nancy Bush (in American English) in this link to video on youtube:

It’s a variation on the long tail which I don’t like on principle because I always have too long or too short a tail. But I’m putting away my perfectionism for this knit-a-long, I want to try out this technique.

It’s a very pleasurable cast on! Especially the decorative version which Nancy demonstrates halfway the video.
It gives a thickish cast on which makes that dreary first row easier to knit.

advent cast on

I cast on 56 stitches because there will be ribbing, 2×2 (which I also don’t like to knit but love to see in my finished objects).
I knit on 2 mm needles (alternatively it could be 1,5 mm needles and the proper cast on number of 64 st) in a light green yarn.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I’m sitting at the table with Lillepoes on my lap and can’t go to grab my phone. Photobooth wants to focus on my face, not my knitting, and is swapping things from left to right. Tsk tsk.

Over at a New Stitch A Day is a better picture of how this cast on looks and they have a great tutorial:

My, what an interesting site is New Stitch A Day!
Aimed to show people all kind of knitting and crochet techniques, all for free.
I plan to check it out. After one more row…


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