having fun with Swedish Advent knitting

I’m having real fun with the mystery stranded socks on the Swedish blog Jultalamod:

I don’t speak Swedish but I learned Norwegian, this year exactly 10 years ago, and that helps a bit. Not very much because it also causes confusion because the two language are quite different!

For example, the first clue read “sticka 2 r till og so-and-so” and my Norwegian brain read: “knit until you reach the two knit stitches and then do so-and-so”. Because “till” = “untill” Google translate thought the same.
But I couldn’t make it work with the sticks and yarn. Something was weird.

I posted my query online, in my own circle because I don’t want to bother the Swedish knitters over at Jultalamod, you know, be that foreigner who needs much hand holding. A friend explained: “till” is short for “Tillsammans” = “together”. Ahh…
Suddenly there appeared faux cables and a lovely cuff!

My Swedish is improving fast. I even managed to comment on the blog, in Swedish, to let them know how much I enjoy it. Well, I say Swedish but it’s probably a mash up of Dutch, Norwegian and Google.

The green yarn wasn’t working out for me, I think I don’t like the brand. It’s Lanagrosse Meilenweit and it’s a bit thin and hairy.
Neither working were the gauge and the needle sizes, so I started over, in white, DROPS Fabel, a lovely round sock yarn, and this is where I am today:

Two fraternal socks.
They look quite white at the moment but green will become their overall colour. I’m still using the Meilenweit but only for stranding, not for cuff, heel or toes. It’s not the first time I noticed that I don’t like to knit with this brand so this time I’m taking note. Not buying it anymore.

Each day a new clue comes out and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to knit it. Of which I make a little party for one. Have a cup of tea, put something on to listen too and enjoy the colours and thoughts of Sweden.

This morning I happened to listen/look to a video blog by one of the three podcasters I follow: Knit Nottingham. She’s such a delight! I can’t help but smile back at my screen whenever she’s on it.

At about 13 minutes in she’s talking about stranded knitting. What a coincidence! She describes exactly how I knit: one hand English picking, one hand (reverse) continental. I was looking at my hands while she talked and was happily surprised. So this is normal? I thought it was something I fudged together because it works for me.

Eleanor talks a bit about things like tension and which colour will pop out and which one will recede to the back, if you’re interested in such a thing. I keep my important colour on the right because my English picking style is very relaxed (if I want it to be). Back ground colour goes to the left because I easily hold firmer tension with my continental technique.
It’s such a delight to do your skilled thing and then have someone else talking about the exact same thing. Like I’m not in a bubble of my own but make actually some sense to other folk.
That’s nice.

You know what else is nice? Having your WIP organized in an encouraging way. All the wool for these socks are in a little carton suitcase:

advent knitting jultalamod

With my owl centimeter, a pair of art deco styled scissors I love and a piece of handmade soap that smells of lavender. Made by Wolop, with real lavender, and meant for washing wool or for felting.
I take my suitcase from the front room to the sitting room or wherever I want to do my leisurely knitting. And when I’m done I close the suitcase and put it out of the way, much to the delight of my spouse who sometimes feels adrift in the wooly flotsam bits and bobs that seem to sprout around me when I stay too long in one place.

The little suitcase itself:
advent knitting jultalamod
A bit too much. Owls with hats and x-mas baubles and a snow man and bells…
But “a bit too much” makes me laugh most of the time so I’m enjoying this.


2 thoughts on “having fun with Swedish Advent knitting

  1. Denk niet dat de zeep erg goed vilt, er extra wolvet aan toegevoegd.
    Het is wel herlijk om je sokken zo mee te wassen. Ik was er nu alle wol mee voor de Midwinterwol, werkt perfect.

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