Lady knitting Ladies Sock

I was merrily knitting away on my sock in perfect colours:

A little knitting here and there, when I didn’t needed or wanted to think. For example today, when I had to wait in my car a bit before I went in for an appointment:


The heel was turned on not enough stitches. Only eight.

Grrrr, this will always be a nuisance in shoes.
I’ll have to frog and reknit the heel over more stitches.
Man, I hate this part of knitting.
But love the socks!


2 thoughts on “Lady knitting Ladies Sock

  1. I would have thought the heel was too long, and that’s why there’s a little ridge of stitches left. But not that the heel wasn’t wide enough.
    And depending on which type of heel you knit, both can be true!
    You learn something new every day.

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