Weird Wool Wednesday: Goldilock knitting

Too loose, too tight, just right?
Too small, too wide, just right?
Too long, too long, just right?
Tight brioche, loose brioche, no cloche?

I’m getting fed up with all the false starts in knitting I’m experiencing.

The stranded Wintertide wristlets were way too wide the first time. I started anew also because the colours didn’t work particular well and I wanted the stitches to run from bottom to top. But then it was too tight!
So I’m starting anew, from the bottom this time. Third time lucky?

I’m still tutting at the too-tight wristwarmer in the middle there because it had me cut my yarn and this is the precious handdyed reed yarn of which I only have a little bit left. Hmpf, so unpolite!

The Winterhat, in brioche, was reknitted over and over again. I didn’t take pictures because I was too frustrated.

First I was knitting too tight, then I was knitting the brim too wide. Now I’ve found the right combination of needle and width but I’m already bored with knitting Brioche in such a small round. Having to change needles and pulling them through the knitting every time you just get into a groove? Puhhlease.
As you can see the project is already in the closet of eternal wooly hybernation…

I feel really bad because that green mottled yarn deserves to be a beautiful project. Perhaps knit Brioche in the round, bottom up? If I chose so I now do happen to have a big gauge swatch on my hands…

(starting a new project and wandering into some other bears’ cottage all over again? Perhaps not the smartest idea.)

The heel of the Ladies socks were reknit over a larger amount of stitches:

Looking good, sitting well.
Or does it?

The heel flap is too long! This looks ridiculous! Ugh!
I chose the length because I have a high instep and this works with all my other socks. I don’t understand why this sock insists on having a shorter flap. The attitude of the thing!

Third time lucky? I’ve frogged and shortened the heel flap a bit.

But have I shortened it enough? I’m getting quite insecure now… How come I’ve forgotten how to knit socks??
Or hats?
Or wristwarmers?

The other things that has me grumpy is that I’m knitting the Wintertide on the same needles as the Swedish Advent Socks and the Advent Wristwarmers in some nice light yellow-green Shetland. All 2,5 needles:

(I didn’t tell you about those last one did I? It’s Little Secret from the Vienna yarn shop Laufmasche. Knitting in a yarn that has spinning oil in it, which kept me awake the very night after I told you about spinning oil keeping me awake. Which is why I didn’t tell you…)

When I say on the same needle, I mean literally the same needle.
I only have one 2,5 mm needle in the house…
Yes, I’m rearranging and parking knitting whenever I want to knit on either of those projects which are my favourite projects at the moment. AAAARGH!

Knitting begins to feel like a stupid hobby, really.
Perhaps I should take up something else. Herding Cats sounds nice.


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