I give up (on Ladies Socks)

I have forgotten how to knit socks. Even when following the most basics of patterns this didn’t turn into a sock.

First the heel was turned and was too small.
Then it was turned with more stitches left n the middle but it turned out the heel flap was too long.
I shortened the heel flap, turned with enough stitches left and that was yesterday. It was way too tight over my instep:


This is weird. There are 60 st in the round, the heel flap is over 30 st. Pick up stitches in each slipped edge stitch on either side (probably around 15) and don’t start decreases until you feel like it and then it’s probably -4 every other round. (Basic pattern)

Way too tight over the instep and too floppy at the bottom??

Me and all the sock knitters I showed my foot to decided the heel flap should be knitted over fewer stitches.
So I reknit over 24 stitches:


Looking promising.
But there’s a significant angle between the part on top and the gussets. Horizontal and vertical. This was getting more pronounced with every row.

Desperate measures: shortrowing to try and bring the gussets forward without advancing on the instep:


This is sock madness. This is desperation. Short rows at the gusset?? Really.

That’s when Lieneke said: this yarn may not want become socks.

That would explain everything.
It’s not me. It’s the yarn. It doesn’t want to be socks!
It wants to be:


That will be so much better knitting this second day at te fair!
And for socks I’ve found this amazing skein, dyed by Atelier het Wolbeest (I’ll update with links Monday Morning)


It has misty greens with silver sparkles and few dots in colours that are nowhere basic red or green or yellow as this picture suggests.

Today at the fair I won’t be shoving my bare foot in people’s face, I’ll be avoiding strangling them while I wind the skein into a ball using a wooden umbrella that turns around very swift.
(The new sock will be knitted toe up. No risks.)


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