Second day at Midwinterwolfair

We spend a second day at our booth full of the colours that Wolop dyed. She also had x-mas cards and note books and lots of spindles and all kind of other things. All handmade by her.

Spinning fibres and spindles are her main thing:

In the front are the skeins of sock yarn that were dyed with plants.
Indigo and also onions and madder. Those last two may not be light fast but Lieneke has a wonderful philosphy about that: should your socks lose their colour, just redye them. Pop them in a jar of water with some onions and put it in your window sill for a couple of weeks. Like new!

Just like the people have been doing all those centuries (millenia!) when all the dyes we had were plant based and not so much light fast.
I suspect we still carry the bug from the ’80s when we all got obsessed with light fastness.

Lots of lovely customers!
So many people were wearing their hand knits and woolen accessoiries. Everybody was showing off our shared passion, in the good way, and we were all enjoying and complimenting each other.

Wolop has some sublime handmade turkish spindles. Light, fast and embedded with brass or silver! Here are three German customers trying them out:
Midwinterwol 2015

There are also the drop spindles in happy colours and on the right handmade niddy noddies and hand printed tea towels. With sheep, balls of yarn or birds. One of our friends took two and is going to use them for spinning: have the light one on your lap when you’re spinning a dark thread or the dark one when you’re spinning a light thread.
With the contrast you can see the thickness of the single while you’re spinning it. Briljant.

Ah, another briljant handmade product. For parking your sock dpns and the project!
Midwinterwol 2015
What do you think of that? Park them and put that WIP in your bag. It will stay put. Also works with circulars. All handmade by Lieneke.

Bad picture of the lovely hat she wore, in handspun BFL and Mulberry Silk:
Midwinterwol 2015
Pattern Rikke, a free pattern by Sarah Young
The pompom she added makes it a great hat! The colour makes her eyes sparkle… it really is a great hat.

I’ve bought BFL Mulberry Silk to just copy the idea exactly. That’s a compliment right?

Fibre from Atelier het Wolbeest, where I once learned to felt a bag from fleece. I plan to make or buy another one the coming year:

Het Wolbeest has a marvelous wool crafting studio behind their home. And at the front of their home: an ice cream parlour. With the best handmade ice cream you can imagine!
Yes, that’s on my agenda for next year: go visit, felt a bag, have icecream.

This was my view most of the day:
Midwinterwol 2015

Lieneke taught our backdoor neighbour to spindle, behind the stands:
This guy works with elderly people and is the only one at the team that knows how to knit. Which the elderly appreciate very much because he can help them with casting on which is hard to the elderly eyes.

After the second day we slept one more night at the B&B and the next day we drove all the way back home. Lieneke’s cat, a Turkish Van named Mimi, was very happy to see us:
After a little cat cuddle, a cup of tea, some “pepernoten” (gingerbread drops) and a little knit I drove to my own home and repeated the procedure.

We had a lovely time!!!


2 thoughts on “Second day at Midwinterwolfair

  1. Wat fantastisch dat jullie zulke heerlijke dagen hebben gehad…
    Je post ‘barst’ van inspiratie….. wat een prachtige heerlijke spullen allemaal…
    Tot volgend jaar/keer 🙂

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