Weird Wool Wednesday: mrs Fahrenheit

Sorry about yesterday’s ear worm. Here, have another one!

On Saturday morning, Wolop and I had a bit of trouble getting out of bed and getting our cheer on for the second day of the Fair. We’re not that supersonic morning women to begin with and we’re both not used sleeping in strange beds with other people than our husbands and cats for room mates.

Add to that a mosquito defying gravity, prolonging my usual insomnia with another hour, which I spend reading on my iPad which brightened the room like a shooting star, out of control, hindering Wolop. And don’t get me started on the ton of washing powder our hosts use on their bed linens because there’s no stopping me then!

Yeah, we felt a bit turned inside out the next morning.
We could do with a pick me up.
I thought of the thing that’s been cheering me up for 9 consecutive days now. It’s a video of David Armand MIMING the lyrics of a Queen song but taking the lyrics literal wherever he can.
I’ve been watching this video multiple times per day and it has me floating around in ecstasy every time.

I tried telling Wolop about it. Explanation was better with song. I tried miming a bit. Wolop was laughing when I did Lady Godiva but I knew I wasn’t doing the thing justice.

She then put on the video and we were having a ball!
We were laughing and singing and we were at the fair in good spirits in no time, having a real good time.

Here, have a look and have yourself a merry wool day:


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