Progress on stranded hat

I left you with a picture of the Kihnu cast on that was to be frogged and redone. This time I used the crochet hook and this short video and it went great. Fast and with even tension. Now I’ve got 156 stitches and a nice braided edge.

Closing the loop:

The working yarns are very much twisted around each other. This is what a Kihnu braided cast on does. Just like a solo Latvian braid does. Latvian braids are usually paired with a second one that twists the yarns the other way around, untwisting them again. No need to dangle your knitting to untwist the yarns, as As Yarnharlot discovered in 2004 when she was on a Latvian mitten spree.

These mittens of her have FOUR Latvian braids:

From the bottom: cast on; brown/brown braid leaning left; brown/brown braid leaning right; white/brown braid leaning left; white/brown braid leaning right; colour work.

One Latvian braid twists the yarns right up, the second braid untwists them again. No need to untwist the yarns, just solve it in the next row.

A Kihnu braided cast on twists the yarns likewise but doesn’t untwist them. (It’s also much thicker than a Latvian braid.)

I’m solving the twistyness in the first row of my hat, twisting the yarns around each other with each stitch, at the back. There’s actually a bit of a braid forming, at the back of the knitting:

My first row is corrugated ribbing: alternating colours AND knit and purl stitches. Here it is from the front:

There’s a little bit of a problem: the white purl stitches present with a little bulge right on top of the Kihnu braid. It’s not very beautiful.

Since I am aiming for Very Beautiful with this gorgeous yarns (Visjö from and these great patterns (Simply Harika by Renee Burton and As The Leaves Begin To Fall by Eliza Jarvi. Plus pompom.) this is as far as I did the first row.

Out it came and I knitted the first row with all knit stitches. This’ll provide a nice base to start purl stitches on. It may cause the cast on to roll a bit up, to the front. But that’s OK. Since Kihnu braided cast on has a double row of braids I’ve got visual beauty to spare.
I also chose a 2 x 2 ribbing instead of 1 x1 because I think it’s Very Beautiful. It’s what Het Wolbeest has on her hat.

Much better: a bulge-less base and a nice set up for 2 x 2 colour work:

At the back the yarns were twisted with nearly every stitch. This was very easy because the working yarns present themselves already twisted. It turned out Kihnu braided cast on twists the yarns with half the speed of a Latvian braid. Mid row all my yarns where untwisted again and I didn’t continue with braiding at the back.

Here’s the back, with the twists going on:

Now I’m knitting corrugated ribbing for a bit. Then a braid (I’m thinking Latvian. Two of them.) And then the stranded colourwork with the leaf motif. Decrease. Pompom. Prance.

Helllllooooooooo there!


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