Bought at the fair: handfelted pouch

felt pouch Mo Berger
I bought this handfelted pouch at the Midwinterwol fair last weekend. It has a cure, blue cat on it with the most adorable “snoet”, with those two pinch-able cheeks at the front of its face.

It’s made by Mo Berger, the same artist who made the big bag I bought at the Countryfair earlier this year:

I love her work. It’s so happy and friendly.

(Yesterday I was insulted by an entitled motorist whom had missed the signs that our street is a dead end. She was sitting in her expensive Jeep, just outside our window, gesturing in exasperation. So I went outside to explain and show her where she ought to make a turn.

Apparently I didn’t offer enough commiserations for her situation because after the fourth explanation she started calling me a crank. Which might be true because at four times repeating I started thinking: “Lady, what else can I say? You made a mistake and have to drive back. I cannot chance the facts and you seem not want to listen”.
I’m one of those people whose face shows what I’m thinking:
 pic by batterypower

With the name calling the conversation was over but as I turned away from her to go inside again she sarcastically snarled:

“Well lady, good luck with your cheerful life!”

She must be clear voyant.
Because cheer and giggles is exactly what my inner life revolves around. I’ll always see a funny little thing or notice one of the little jokes life carries out all around us. I have a brain chemistry to match it, with unusual high amounts of dopamine and noradrenaline.

So yes Jeep-lady, I’ll enjoy my cheerful life, thankyou. Starting today with a fun pouch with a needle felted cat on it that looks delightfully full of mischief.)

My new pouch has a handy thing in the back, to secure it to your belt:
felt pouch Mo Berger

(picture is upside down)

ooooh, she has so many cute bags and pouches!


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