Winterknit: using vintage Norwegian yarn

A friend from Ravelry was giving away some yarns her grandmother had collected. Some of it was Norwegian and she kindly gave them to me:

Firda yarn isn’t even in the Ravelry database. But it’s a Norwegian daily newspaper that reports on knitting in the Art section:

Knitting graffiti hits town centre with colour bomb
(psst, gentlemen, that’s crocheting.)

Yahoowonders lets me know that the producer of Firda Strikke Garn, Evebofoss, was a well known producer of wool for Norwegian garments in the last century. Pinterest impression:

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 08.57.06

Sandnes Garn Tvinngarn is in the Ravelry database, but it’s discontinued. The two projects that are shown are from people using up yarns that are left from projects knitted by their mother and grandmother. 🙂

Thanks to the Swedish Advent socks I’m confident about stranded knitting again. And with a current obsession for Winter light and a structural love for Scandinavia I’ve casted on for a Winter vest, using Norwegian vintage yarns:

The pattern is Hilja by Niina Hakkarainen, the same I used for my green handspun vest. This time I’m just following the pattern as written, bottom up.

The colourwork is the brim of  Snowflakes Tam  by Ari Whitlow

The vintage Norwegian yarns are of DK thickness, roughly double the size of sock weight, which is where the name DK (“Double Knit”) comes from. It’s a perfect thickness!
Knits fast yet solid. Warm fabric yet souple.
I think this thickness is traditionally most used for handknits in the UK. I’m using needles 3,5 mm although most people use 4 mm.

I think this vest will use 2 skeins of the white Firda and half of the blue. I also have one white of the Sandness left:

The label reads “garnet for brukskunst” = “a yarn for functional art”. Love it!

There’s also one skein of the Sandness Tvinn yarn in a military green colour that still has the old old label:

Use your art to have outdoor fun!


One thought on “Winterknit: using vintage Norwegian yarn

  1. Wat geweldig mooi, en wat ga je hard!!
    Ik zit ook nog te dubben over de Hilja met restjes van mijn Zeeuwse deken. Maar dan zou hij hard donkerblauw worden met grijze accenten en ik weet nog steeds niet of ik dat mooi ga vinden.

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