Happy New Year

Welcome to the first day of the new year. It’s new, it’s winter. It’s the coldest time of the year.
That’s why we need:


This one was a thoughtful present to Wolop, for her to wear at Midwinterwol-fair where it was to be expected to be bitterly cold.
Only we weren’t. It was cold yes but not too cold. No nosewarmers were worn.

And we still don’t wear them because these days we are walking in the streets without our coats on. It’s the middle of winter and it is WARM. Cherry trees are in blossom.

This is outside my house: sweet peas and dahlias!
sweet peas

You know when it was a cold winter? Winter of 2009/2010.

I had only learned to knit one year previous and we had retreated to the cabin for New Year’s Eve to sit out the fireworks with our cats. I had geared up my energy to stay up until midnight and to go out and see the fireworks and greet our neighbours.

It was cold that day. It was very cold.
In the previous weeks I had knitted myself gloves out of some weird yarn I had (acrylic chenille?). First gloves ever and it was a fast and pleasant knit, I called them Party Paws. There was still some yarn left. So on New Year’s Eve I grabbed it and knit myself a nosewarmer to go with the gloves:

Now I’d be comfortable when we’d trudge through the forest to the neighbours. I’d be warm. I’d be festive.

It’s free pattern “Nosewarmer, 2nd Generation” by Amy Singer. It has a tassle:

Tassles are essential for fun. Make a note of that.

Oh, I just checked my Party Paws project page on Ravelry and the yarn I used isn’t acrylic at all, it’s nylon with wool, Fortissima Socka Teddy Color from Schoeller+Stahl.

It’s hardwearing stuff but soft nonetheless, soft enough to wear on the nose. Now it’s 2016 and the gloves are still in use and have been for all these years. Soft and hard wearing and happily coloured.
That’s why I plan on making a new pair of gloves this year, in a different colourway. I mentioned the plans for Party Paws 2 once.
The original Party Paws have been so useful and carry so much good memories, I like to repeat that happy knit.

Heehee, my notes from that last day of 2009 read:
Tassles Hooray!

Finished just in time for NewYears Eve.
The neighbours will be ….. confused.


Ahh, some sentiments ring true 6 years later.

Tassles Hooray!

Have an entertainingly confusing and colourful 2016!


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