No need to knit

It’s a new year, I’m cleaning up the knitting queue and planning things for this month.
This is how my project page looks:
Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 13.44.54

I know I’m most comfortable when I only have 3 WIPs…. how come there are ten WIPs?

That’s because this page misrepresents reality.
When I take a look at real life I take a look at which knits are sprinkled around my chair, meaning I’m actively working on them. My only real Works In Progress are Hilja Vest; Midwinter socks and Tears of Laughter Onion Socks.
Ha! It seems I AM a three-WIPs-at-any-time kinda girl.

The Shetland Blue Texel shawl/throw is also in the room, frequently being moved from one side to the other, depending on which cat is sleeping where. I’m not actually working on it but I want to.
Contigious Blue Cardi greets me whenever I open the yarn closet and I greet it back happily.
So those two WIPs are “active” without receiving any knitting.

Visjö hat still needs its pompom but it’s been blocked now and I’m wearing it all the time so… I’m calling that one finished. I love pompoms but I also kind of want to use the remaining yarn to knit mitts to go with the hat. I have this alternative plan to use some pink fluff I’m taking out of a spinning project and spin it into a yarn for a Visjö pompom:

Or I could bypass spinning and knitting altogether and felt a pompom out of this fluff? The thought just came to me as I paste this picture here.
(Why stop at a pompom? Is a pink hare-shaped pompom not more appropriate for my hat? Wet felting, needle felting.)

The Ladies Cuffs are suffering from second sock cuff syndrome. I wanted that yarn to be socks and now I’m nitpicking at the one cuff to find fault with it. “It’s a bit too tight.” “It is a bit scratchy.”
Better park it somewhere in the back of the closet and wait for a better day, when I’m no longer insulted by it not becoming a sock.

Advent MKAL Geheimnis pattern turned out to be a mitten with a short, ruffled cuff around the wrist and a long part covering the fingers. This is how the finished pattern looks:
Advent-Geheimnis by yarnbird

They are cute! But I don’t wear mittens with thumbs often and I DO need them to hug my wrists for warmth.
So I think these are better frogged and the yarn re-used. My yarn has such a fantastic colour:

So light and sun shiney. Will look great in a stranded project. I’m certainly in the mood for more stranded knitting after Visjö hat!

The Emma Arlene cardi….. it’s in the closet too. Somewhere in the dark, I pretend I can’t see it there. I just don’t feel like knitting with a lace yarn and such a dark colour in winter…. but I’m afraid if I put it into online hibernation, which parks the project at the bottom of my projects page, I will not pick it up again. There are some half made pairs of Skew socks lingering at the bottom that attest to that… I don’t want to go down there and face them!
I’m keeping Emma Arlene at the top of the projects page but at the back of the closet. When the days are getting lighter I’ll pick it up again, I think.

And then there’s that one project without a picture. It’s called “Feet cosy”. It’s just that, a cosy to put your feet in. When I’m on the chair or the sofa. Warm feet, warm wrists, warm head is all it takes to keep the whole body warm. A Feet Cosy with room for an additional cat is what I need.

In thick handspun, with thick needles. I haven’t started it yet because my feet haven’t been that cold. I have some throws and blankets to wrap around myself wherever I sit down and then there’s an additional cat who loves to sit on ankles and feet. I’m sure if the weather was older I’d knit it.

You see, this feet cosy is part of a Very Short List. It reads:
– Feet Cosy
– Sturdy Skirt out of Upholstery Fabric
– felted fabric for those two little cushions in the cabin

At the start of December it also had Sophisticated Non-Blue Warm City Hat on it but with Visjö hat I think that one’s done.
This list is the Things I Need list.
If I complete it, all new knits are just pleasure knits. Not actual I-Need-This knits.

That’s right. When I make a foot cosy -and finish the half sewn sturdy winter skirt and ignore the fraying cushion for another few months- then my wardrobe will be complete. I will have enough hats, wristwarmers, shawls, cardi’s, sleep socks, sleep hats, pullovers and everything to be comfortable. Six or seven years after I started knitting I now have everything I need.

So Foot Cosy remains on my project page. I sincerely believe I will start it soon.

For January there are two new projects I’d like to take on. Both are Mystery Knit A Longs for stranded mittens. Pleasure knits!

Winter Snows MKAL by Kat Lewinski
It’ll be about snow and snowflakes. Light, sun on snow. Just what I have on my mind these days, excellent.
In two days the first clue comes out. I’ve been looking forward to this MKAL for weeks now.

The other is An enchanting mystery by Wenche Roald, also a stranded mitten. It’s already on the way, with a few hundred participants. It’s in both English and Norwegian, which I like 🙂

Oh. And I’m spinning. That wonderful BFL/Silk mix from Het Wolbeest that I bought the fair. For a Rikke hat:

It’s so magical, spinning silky silvery colours this time of year.

That’s why I’ve brought the two roving from Passe-Partout to the city now, with additional white BFL and Mulberry silk from my own stash, to spin enough for a silvery vest.

I think these can be combined in one garment. Just mix up the two rovings a bit as you spin them into one single. Ply that one single with an all white single made of BFL Mulberry that I mixed out of hand. That’s my plan.

Lovely, light coloured things I do not need. But do love to work on. Now the process of making something has become more important than getting to a usable end result. I’m enjoying living in the moment.

So, here’s my projects page now all cleaned up at the start of this new month, new year:
Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 14.37.05

So I only have 3 Works in Progress.
1 Foot Cosy promise;
2 Works in Waiting;
and one cardi that I don’t dare to send down to the pit of hibernating Skews.

In real life a.k.a. my living room there’s also one spinning project that soon will be cast on into a hat. Rikke hat has lots of mindless stockinette stitch and will be a good successor for the sock projects which both will soon be finished.

A mitten will be started as soon as both socks are finished. I’m not in a hurry to start, I’m quite enjoying this time, looking at the progress others make, thinking about colours. There’s time enough for me to start either one of the two mittens.


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