Finished: midwintersokken

Knit on needles 2 mm. Pattern Moonwise’ SokBasis (Dutch) with lace cuff from Blattwerk.

77 grams of yarn used, yarn handdyed by Het Wolbeest, it’s “glittersok”, it has sparkly stellina in it.

Today I’m wearing my festive sparkly wetfelted princess dress even though I’m not leaving the house today. Just for me, since I’m not having the best of days.

We just saw a king fisher bird in the canal in front of the house. I had seen one once before, just a flash of blue. Now it was sitting on the dock and we got to watch it with our binoculars through one of the upper windows for a full 5 minutes. Marvellous colours. I hope to feel better soon and properly enjoy the memory of that experience.

For now I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and spin that sparkly BFL Silk.



3 thoughts on “Finished: midwintersokken

  1. Those socks are gorgeous! And so, by the way, is your dress. I hope that all the nice things around you can help you get through the day. And that you will feel better soon!

  2. Wearing something as beautiful as that dress just for yourself is the best possible reason.
    Hope your day improves, though seeing a kingfisher is very impressive.

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