Weird Wool Wednesday: choosing colours

Yesterday I wanted to start one of the mystery mitten KALs but couldn’t decide upon colours. However I did want to participate in the fun in the group so I took a picture of the yarns I had, to talk about that instead:

(all Shetland wool 2 ply types such as Kauni and Finull. All prewashed because of the spinning oil that makes me hyper)

Seeing the picture in the KAL chatter thread made up my mind instantly. I couldn’t decide in real life but seeing a virtual representation made it easy!

The mitten features some sort of flower and I like happy colours for flowers and in the picture I picked the colours right out of the pile: this green, that green, the other green, yellow and the fuchsia.

Yes! Happy flowery mitts!

Then I turned to the chair behind me, where I had put the colours I hadn’t chosen, to put them away:

Instant beauty! Shockingly interesting! I’m in love!

This colour combination is one I won’t grow tired of. While the green and fuchsia… well, it’s kind of predictable. It’s fun and friendly, make no mistake. But it’s not very interesting.

So this happened yesterday:

And today I’ve broken the working yarns on it and set it aside. Because today I’m looking to start a new mitten in even bolder combinations of these same colours.

I don’t want the dark purple to be the main colour. I want things to be more like the picture with the chair: light blue, ochre and light green should be main. But I need to think about contrast… and I won’t know how the colours will be combined in the next installments of the mystery.

I need to be smart. Choose combinations that will work either way. Every way. But not try to be too smart, I also need a bit of luck.

So that’ll be my Weird Woolday today: pushing around cakes of yarn looking for the best colour combination. Not casting on one stitch.



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