Stranded projects in progress

Enchanting Mystery mitten in new colours:

Better. Looks more like my inspiration photo, eh?

I’m also sufficiently weirded out by the colour combination. I keep looking at it, it sure holds interest for me.

pattern modifications:

  • Estonian cast on and cuff on smaller needles (2,25 mm) because of small wrists
  • repeated chart A1 1,5 x, to have a higher stripey bit
  • added one row of plain knit before and after the flower to separate it visually more from the brown garter rows. And I like my cuffs to be long anyway.

The Fair Isle Cuffs in misty green sock yarns:

Better. Lovely light overall look, even though I’m choosing colours with more contrast to work with.

(I started the ribbing with reverse k and p for the white and multi coloured glitter sock yarn but decided I liked it better the other way around.)

Not sure if I’ll make the second cuff the same. I’m not keeping notes which yarn I use when to have a more relaxed knit.

It’s a slow project. I can only work on it during day light and at a time when I’m willing to look at my work all the time. Usually when I knit, I knit while doing something else, like watching a documentary. I haven’t found many audibooks I like to listen to.

Stranded Hilja Vest is at this level:

It’s been at this stage for a few days now, for the silliest of reasons: I couldn’t fit it properly while I kept wearing my handfelted princess dress. It needed a good fit. But I needed to wear my happy dress.

Today I’m wearing “normal clothes” and did the fit. It’s a bit snug around the belly… not too snug but just enough to be A Not Particular Comfortable Wear. This morning I’ll be walking around wearing it for a bit to figure if it’s too uncomfortable because in that case there’s no point in proceeding to knit this.

But I’m sure it’ll be alright:


One thought on “Stranded projects in progress

  1. I love to see your stranded/fair isle projects! They inspire me to go learn stranded knitting myself. Your vest looks AMAZING as well, I’m sure that tightness will block right out ;), no need to eat less Bossche bollen!

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