reasoning with mittens: thumbs

I’ve got two sets of stranded mittens on the needles. Both are at the thumbstage.
Winter Snows Mystery mitten has a thumb I have not knitted before: a peasant or after thought thumb.

You knit a tube and at one stage you knit with a piece of (red) waste yarn. You then put the stitches back on the left needle and knit them again with the real yarn.
Later on you remove the waste yarn and are left with a set of live stitches that you knit upward in a thumb.

With this construction you have to think about how wide your hand is at the base of the thumb. There is no thumb gusset, the tube must fit by itself.

Luckily with me it does. Because as luck would have it I’ve learned to fit as I go and adjust.
The cuff is done over 56 stitches. Then decreased to 48 stitches. Because I have tiny wrists. Then I had to increase for the thumb/hand which is not so tiny: I went up to 70 stitches.

The tube fits. The mitten will probably too.
The only problem is: I went to the cabin this week and brought a lot of woolen stuff but not the rest of the white yarn. That’s the last of it:

That’s me done. No more knitting on this until I return to the city! Boo!
(I didn’t follow the pattern for the cuff and now it curls like crazy.)

An Enchanting Mystery mittens have a thumb I know: a thumb gusset.
Thumb gusset: increase in a nice way until the tube that fitted your wrist now fits your hand. Park gusset stitches and knit rest of tube until fingertips. Return to parked stitches and knit a thumb.

Since I have an inborn design feature called SWBP (Small Wrist Big Paws) I already know to increase faster and to a larger number for a thumb gusset than a pattern describes.
This pattern says to increase 2 stitches every other row until a total of 25 stitches. I increased 2 stitches every row and didn’t stop until I got 30 stitches. And I kept fitting. Now it’s comfortable and my thumb will not get throttled.

Yesterday the new clue came out and we’re now meant to park the thumb gusset stitches. I hadn’t thought we would. I’m not ready:

I need another 2 cm of knitting before I can park the stitches and resume the “hand tube”. What happened? Row gauge happened.

Pattern says 34 rows per 10 cm (4″). I just measured, I’m at 40 rows.

oei oei!

Two centimeters of extra length, that’s a whole extra pattern piece. More diamonds. Or more baubles. Adding a new piece will change the pattern. Which is scary because this is a mystery pattern, I’m flying blind here.

Well, not really. I’ve already seen the new clue. And in the chat thread on Ravelry I’ve seen how it knits up. I can make an educated guess about what will work for the pattern and where to put it.

Or I could just knit the clue and delay parking the thumb gusset at a fitting spot. The extra length I will unavoidably need in the mitten will then get solved at the top of the mitten, when I’ve seen the whole pattern and can design something that will fit the pattern for sure.

For now I’ve presented my problem in the chat thread, hoping the designer may weigh in.

That’s row gauge for you.

Consequently there’s a shadow thread for this mitten for people who dare to taunt this beast. They work with thicker yarn and are amending the pattern accordingly. They get 24 stitches to 10 cm instead of 31 stitches. I’m looking at their row gauge at the moment….

…ah, educational (1), they just remove some of the rows as they see fit. And the pattern still looks like the pattern, even with rows removed! That gives me courage that with rows added it will probably still look like itself too. I probably won’t kill it with my addition.

If you’re in the KAL: I’m thinking of adding extra diamonds in the middle of clue 3. There are 3 sets now, I’m thinking of interspersing 2 and do so in the colours green and grey because my mitten is turning out all purple and ochre and I miss the green and grey.

I suspect these colours will turn up at the top again, seeing as this mitten seems to have a mirror line running through the middle, but adding some around that mirror line will look good too, I’m guessing.

Sorry for the grainy dark early bird pictures. It’s Saturday morning at the cabin. Lillepoes has come downstairs and is now napping on the chair on a cushion filled with unspinnable wool. Outside the first light is starting. It’s rainy and windy and lovely green.


Aw, how I love that cushion. It’s embellished with free style knitting from Mary Walker Phillips.
It’s free style but not without order:

You make it up as you go along. A lovely and creative way of knitting.project page here


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