Finished: buttons on Holle Cardi

As part of a swap I went and visited Wolhobby today to help me with some WIPs that I keep putting off. She put the buttons on my Holle Cardi!

The buttons look really smart with the Wollmeise DK in colourway Fliederbusch. It’s so wonderful, my cardi is finished!
Now I want to sew a bellowing skirt to go with it. WIPs beget WIPs.

Wolhobby showed me a quilt technique for fast knots to start. And we explored seaming techniques for my Blue Texel/Shetland throw/wrap. She alerted me to the site, which shows techniques very clearly and with technical finesse. I love technical finesse.

This weekend I’ll finish the last of the knitting on it and then I’ll start seaming.

We spend a lovely few hours crafting and we had cat help from Beer (meaning “bear” in Dutch):
cat help with knitting

and Apollo:
cat help with knitting
who has the loudest purr and an adorable white point on his tail.

Both are such cuddly cats! Beer allows you to touch his feet, his belly, his tail. My cats have strict rules about this, mostly being “NO.”. So I took the opportunity and petted Beer everywhere.
cat help with knitting

Apollo prefers petting of the head:
cat help with knitting

Beer approves of my Visjö hat:
cat help with knitting
cat help with knitting

A lovely day.


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