Weird Wool Wednesday: the shrimp that went on holiday with knitters.

Meet Herman, the blue “shrimp”:

Back in 2011 Herman lived with the neighbour of a Dutch knitter called Kreakakel. He had a nice water tank together with some other sea creatures, in the middle of the neighbour’s living room. He was the blue pride and joy of the family! We know he’s a crayfish but we don’t have a nice small word for those in Dutch: “zoetwaterkreeft”. So he was named a “garnaal”, a shrimp.

One day the neighbour told Kreakakel that Herman had vanished! Gone from the aquarium. Nowhere to be found. He had looked under leafs and rubble but Herman had disappeared.
The neighbour was very sad…. for days and days. His wife told Kreakakel every day how sad her husband was.

Then one day Herman re-appeared! No one knew how or why. They had searched the aquarium thoroughly when he was gone but here he was again, happy as a clam. (We now think that he was deep under the gravel, changing his skin…)
In 2011 it was still a mystery. Oh, the neighbour was so happy again! Chuckling to herself Kreakakel thought Herman must have been on holidays for a few days. She then went home and she secretly rustled up the knitters from the Dutch Random Act of Kindness Group who then started to send holiday postcards, from Herman, to the neighbour from all the places Herman had supposedly visited.
From all parts of Holland cards started to come in!

I send one too, it read:
“I had a fine time riding my bike near Snorrepot’s place! Signed, Herman.”

The neighbour didn’t know what to think!
He could not figure out who was behind all this and who all these people were, sending him cards from places he’d never been. He shared his perplexity daily with Kreakakel who nodded with big eyes of empathy.

As the days progressed and holiday cards kept pouring in he started his investigations and hung a sign over his desk lettered “CSI”. On the desk he kept papers with hints and clues. Who knew about Herman. Who knows his address. Are handwritings similar yes/no.

He suspected his daughter but she denied fiercely. He shared his mystery with the postman and he was stumped too and started to read the envelops for clues before he pushed them through the letterbox.
Eventually, after ten days and after having recuperated from the flu, the wife solved the case and pointed at Kreakakel as the culprit. “Kreakakel is part of a knitters’ guild, she knows people all over Holland! They may be just a weird enough bunch to do such a thing!”

Kreakakel looked guilty and the wife of the neighbour started to laugh so hard she rolled from the couch. ROFL Literally! 😀

It was such a fun, fun story to be part of! Such fun that I immediately casted on for ‘Herman, the little Spring sweater’ in eyewatering blue:

It’s Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight. Light, warm and soft. The only alpaca that doesn’t make me sneeze.

With only 3,3 balls of yarn (at 200 m per ball so that’s 660 m) I knitted this light pullover:

It’s very warm. Second foto shows detail of fabric with needles 5mm. Cast on 142 st.
The colour is correct in first pictures. It’s an eye-watering Herman-blue!

I giggled all the way while knitting this and I still do whenever I see the picture on my projects page. (I don’t use the yarn anymore, I don’t like knitting with halo yarn. Perfect for core-spinning though.)

Herman went on to live a happy “shrimp” life. He got a totally redecorated tank and befriended a female and made baby shrimp with her. Over the years he has repeated his disappearing act a few times but he never went on holiday again.


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