Party Paws 2: “Hellooooo!”

One glove done:

I redid the cuff and worked it downwards. Ended it with a stretchy bind off done from the wrong side which gives that nice edging.

I don’t know how much this glove weighs – the hairy reason that I can’t get to the scales right now is seen on the right- but it certainly took more than half the ball, more than 25 grams. This surprises me. I’ll have to get another ball. Knowing this I frogged the cuff and knitted it to a length I like instead of the frugal cuff I had this morning.

I’m knitting the glove on circular needles 2,75 mm and for the fingers I use amazingly short dpn’s. They’re only 10 cm long I think (4 inches) and they work wonderfully. They’re made of bamboo. I also had a set of Knit Pro, with the multicoloured laminated wood, but those have such sharp points that they were hurting my hands.

I’m afraid gloves in selfstriping sportsweight yarn are addictive… You only need to cast on 36 stitches so that’s a fast knit. A glove can be knitted in one weekend!

If I find another happy coloured yarn in the course of this year I’m going to buy it and knit myself another pair. More souvenir yarn, more parties and more Party Paws is what I say!


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