Knitting for pleasure involves the trash bin.

Last December I realized I’ve knitted all the things I NEED. From now on I’m knitting things I WANT. I knit for pleasure now. It’s all a bit novel to me and today I’m taking a new step: I’m going to throw away some knitting.

These are my Winter Snows MKAL mittens:

The pattern, Winter Snows MKAL by Kat Lewinski, is fully released now and it looks like this:

This style is not to my liking. I like my snow flakes to be different, less formal. More like these:

First Snow mittens by Aet Terasmaa and Inga Snöflinga Mittens by Johanne Landin

So halfway my mittens I changed the pattern and started to sprinkle some of these random snowflakes in. But to be honest, I had lost some of the fun in these mittens.

Then I put them on, to take these pictures for you and to contemplate whether maybe I should just knit a border and call them Winter Snow Fingerless Mitts?

I wanted these mitts done and over with. I want to knit other things. Then two things bubbled to the surface of my attention:

  1. I don’t like fingerless mitts that cover the palm of my hand and have a thumb. I want to be able to shove them down, out of the way.
  2. this wool is SCRATCHY

For the few minutes I wore these mitts my wrists started to mutter and nag. Even if I finish these I will not wear them with pleasure. Even though I love the colours and the grey is my precious handspun Blue Texel I won’t wear them with pleasure. And my knitting is all about pleasure.






the Bin.

Yes. I’m going to throw them away. I squashed the inner voice that started to look for alternative uses (give to a fellow knitter? mugwarmer? plant pot enhancement? bird nest material?). No. Nope. No. Out they go.

They don’t bring pleasure to my wool life?





Ouch. Not a comfortable sight at all. But hey! It frees up a pair of 2,25 mm needles! I can study some more on my Cashmere Neckwarmer!

And it freed up space in the WIPs too. Which is how this came to be:

A second Temptress shawl in a fingering yarn that’s a luxury blend of silk and seacell in colourway Aquilegia. With 5/0 triangle beads from Miyuki, bought at, in colourway Silver Lined Smokey Amethyst (5TR-1804). I love silverlined triangle beads from Miyuki!

(The holes resemble butterflies but at the moment all I’m seeing is stacks of handknitted sweaters holding hands. Is that a hint? Should I knit on my Tangled Vine Cardigan??)

The pattern is Temptress by Boo Knits, needles 3,5 mm. I made one before and I love it:

Such a weird colour this yarn has. It’s grey I think… a weird kind of grey. Grey thinking of purple. The beads are a warmish kind of greypink, quite out of my comfort zone. Weird colours, I love it!

It’s a lovely way of knitting, casting on for things you fancy, being it pattern driven or yarn driven. It is a lovely experience. This weeks unexpected gloves are testament to that.

The strange thing I noticed with these things I started this week: this shawl, the Cashmere neckwarmer, the gloves, is that I want to knit different things when I’m here at the cabin then when I’m in the city. In the city I want to knit mittens and socks and cardigans, it seems.

Tomorrow we’re going to to city again, we’ll see how I fare. There’s still Tangled Vine Cardi and Fairytale Mittens and socks WIPs to keep me going if I suddenly stop wanting to knit with silk or cashmere once I reenter the city boundaries.

 pic by Bernard Delobelle

Like I said, it’s lovely following your wooly fancy instead of a sense of obligation. I’m still a beginner but this week I did practise in another instant: I decided NOT to go the annual meeting of the national spinners’ guild in March. Even though it’s the official meeting, where we have to vote and stuff.

But this year the prospect of going didn’t spark any joy in me. None at all. Which is a pity because I’ve been an avid member of this guild for years.

Instead of listing all the reasons I should go I just noticed that this meeting doesn’t bring pleasure to my wool life. And I took it from there: I decided not to go.

And what do you know, the very next day I was invited to a wooly get-together from a Facebook group for spinning and felting, for the very same date in March. My joy for this meeting sparked effortless!

And that’s what a wool hobby should be all about, effortless joy and joyeus efforts.

 pic by Niels Damkjaer


2 thoughts on “Knitting for pleasure involves the trash bin.

  1. Sometimes letting go is the hardest and most rewarding thing. No matter if it’s knitting or something that used to bring us joy. If we continue doing them, they become as mundane as household chores. I’m going to try to focus more on what brings me joy as well. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. I like this blogpost, at times people will remind you that throwing out knitting, weaving or spinning projects is a waste and that makes me feel guilty when I throw it out. But I don’t want to feel guilty about solely doing what makes me feel happy!

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