Finished: Party Paws, one sock and the Cashmere Neckwarmer

I had loads of knitting time last Saturday! I took a long trainride to a house that was filled with knitters, pie and cats and we did nothing but pet cats, eat pie and knit.
This is what I was wearing:

My Holle Cardi, Rikke hat and a lovely neckwarmer in green Malabrigo Lace. I’ll tell you about it once I take it off long enough to make good pictures.

I took a brisk walk to the station and when I boarded the train I had to peel off all the wool because I’d grown too hot. I was travelling first class and was non too embarrassed to show handknits in public:

I later stood up and walked to the front of the carriage to take pictures of the light showing that the toilet was occupied. Twice. I AM embarrassed of that.

Mainly I was working on my Sock Madness practice sock:

I arrived at the party and I kept working on it even though there were many distractions:

Lovely, weird, hilarious distractions:

That’s the calendar “Darn! Men with Yarn!” from Club Geluk (“Club Happiness”). It’s guys showing off knitted accessoires. Designed by two mad knitter ladies from Amsterdam.

“Club Geluk designs retro fabrics, vintage prints and textiles, (handmade) living items, unique gifts and DIY kits. We have written a knitbook to knit the unknittable: Club Geluk and the Secret of the Knitted Ham and More Bizar Knits. We also teach knitting, crochet, embroidery, crossstitch and macramé.”

I didn’t let naked men with yarn keep me from my goal. I finished my sock and ate pie:
Sock Madness 2016 Warming Up sock. Pattern Don’t Tread on My Toes by Heidi Lenore. Tiretracks running over the toe and Flame decal at the cuff, like the ones you see at the side of fun racing cars:

The gusset increases are placed at the underside. I think that’s a lovely detail:

It’s kind of snug and I had to amend the pattern a bit to get the heel to fit. Will do second sock on a larger needle, 2,25 mm. I already knitted the toe for that second sock at the party.

One of the guests had gotten me a second ball of that self striping cotton from Deventer to finish my Party Paws gloves. Which I did on the same day!

They weigh 55 grams, together.
They were finished on Saturday, these pictures were taken on Sunday and I’ve used them for driving in my car on Monday. It rained on Monday. They had gotten only a tiny bit wet, only two fingertips, and right away my “paws” got really cold. The gloves being cotton.
There’s need for Party Paws #3, in wool, I feel.

But these gloves sure made me smile, wearing them and holding the steering weel.

Saturday, at the end of the day I travelled home and finished my cashmere neckwarmer:


Sunday pictures:

It took 102 m DK weight. Not blocked yet but the round scallops look great and they lie flat. The cuff is the design of Prickly Pear socks, which features in one of my knits at least once a year I think? There’s a similar design in the Sock Madness Sock “Don’t Thread on my Toes” above and there it’s called a Shell Rib. Maybe that’s a thing that I love, Shell Ribs. It’s also akin to the “Little Coffee Bean” stitch which is a traditional Dutch knitting stitch. “Koffieboontje”. Faux Rib?

Anyway, I love my neckwarmer! Once I block it the pattern will show even better.

I should write down my notes about this one asap. And I want to cast on a new one, with the blue yarn, soon. Not with a scallopy edge but something more pointy…
The yarn wears divine! Very soft and not tickling at all. My neck will have something to wear while I take pictures of the green Malabrigo neckwarmer.

It really was a great day! So many things to talk about with fellow knitters and sewers and weavers and pet lovers. Meeting up with people who have smart hands and great minds is always an inspiration. Figuring out techniques and designs and smart solutions. Learning new things.

And laughing. So much laughing. Lovely people.

It was a great day!


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